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M’sia tops global survey on keeping refugees out

Malaysians voiced the most negative opinions on immigrants in a recent international survey conducted in conjunction with World Refugee Day 2020 — see bar charts below.

82 percent Malaysians agreed “We must close our borders to refugees entirely – we can’t accept any at this time”.

75 percent Malaysians agreed “Most foreigners who want to get into my country as a refugee really aren’t refugees. They just want to come here for economic reasons, or to take advantage of our welfare services“.

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On both the statements above, Malaysians topped the poll in a survey of 26 countries conducted recently from the last week of May to the first week of June.

The research was carried out by Ipsos – a reputable public opinion pollster – on more than 1,000 individuals globally in each country and weighted to match the profile of the respective national populations.

Malaysian public opinion is proven to be dead set against the so-called ‘refugees’ who aren’t really refugees but just opportunists who “want to come here for economic reasons”.

Nonetheless, a vocal minority of NGOers who are Cina DAP feel edified by the aid they provide these illegal immigrants while at the same time claiming “no taxpayers money goes to supporting the refugee community” — this false assertion (screenshot below) was made this month by Heidy Quah in her Facebook.

It is untrue for DAP activist Heidy to claim that “no taxpayers money goes to supporting the refugee community”. Take for example Rohingya who hold a United Nations High Commission For Refugees (UNHCR) card.

These cardholders are eligible to seek treatment at government hospitals. Non citizens pay a foreigner’s rate on their medical bills at our public health facilities but Rohingya who have the UNHCR card are entitled to a 50 percent discount on Malaysian taxpayers’ expense.

A total of 101,280 Rohingya in Malaysia are registered with the UNHCR. A larger number of Rohingya, however, remain undocumented.

According to estimates (see below) provided by the Rohingya Solidarity Organization, Malaysia is hosting 200,000 Rohingya.

BELOW: Turkish media group Anadolu Agency published this infographic on 23 Sept 2019

Cina DAP adamantly anti Malay establishment

Two days ago, our prime minister put his foot down saying Malaysia is unable to take in any more Rohingya.

Yesterday Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob (below) again reiterated that our government is blocking the entry of Rohingya boat people.

Earlier Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin had already explained that Malaysia does not recognize any refugee status for the Rohingya, even those who are holding the UNHCR card. Rohingya living here are “illegal immigrants” period, said Hamzah.

Our top Malay leaders can lather, rinse and repeat their message till they turn blue in the face insisting that Malaysia law does not recognize refugees. After all, our Immigration Act 1959/63 has no provision for refugees. Malaysia has not signed on to the UN’s refugee conventions either.

But regardless of what the Malay government says or what the Malay public thinks, Cina DAP must needs always push in the opposite direction. It is as if these DAP hardcore supporters do not feel invested in our country’s future.

The reason 82 percent Malaysians told the Ipsos poll we must seal tight our borders and that we can’t accept any more Rohingya is because opening the floodgates to these economic migrants does not auger well for the future of  Malaysia.

Once the Rohingya set foot on Malaysian soil, we’re stuck with them for good.

It is impossible to repatriate the Rohingya to Myanmar while Bangladesh has told Malaysia that we’re welcome to keep all the Rohingya we fish out from the sea.

More accusations of Ugly Malaysians 

It is almost equally impossible to resettle the Rohingya to third countries.

27-year-old Syarifah Shakirah is the founder of Malaysia’s Rohingya Women Development Network. She came here illegally as a child of five and successfully emigrated to the United States only this year.

Shakirah has five brothers and sisters (almost all of the Rohingya profiled in the media have big families) who were resettled in the US in 2016. Her father lived in Malaysia a total of 23 years before finally moving to America.

In the case of Shakirah‘s family, Malaysia kindly sheltered them for more than two decades. And what is the return that we receive from Rohingya?

Shakirah told the local and international press (see above) that Malaysians are making “ugly, deeply xenophobic” comments about Rohingya and even urged that these Facebookers be reported for hate speech!

Those complaining about Malaysian “animosity against Rohingya” also deny that illegal foreigners have contributed to the Covid-19 clusters in our country.

In Cox’‘s Bazar, the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society have build new isolation facilities (see below) in the Rohingya refugee camps which are coronavirus red zones. 

DAP born again Christian Heidy Quah had confidently declared that “no taxpayers money goes to supporting the refugee community”. Perhaps her NGO would like to build a temporary quarantine centre for the 269 Rohingya boat people who landed in Langkawi a fortnight ago?


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