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Pagoh must do something about Langkawi most urgently!

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said Malaysia cannot take in any more Rohingya who keep coming here non stop.

The PM said this last Friday (June 26) during a teleconference with other Asean leaders — see video below.

He also expressed concern over human trafficking, a disgraceful international crime by the Rohingya people-smuggling syndicates which resulted in Malaysia appearing on Tier 2 of the American Department of State’s special watch list.

The three-minute clip (above) of Muhyiddin’s Rohingya speech uploaded to YouTube by The Star has so far attracted more than 70,000 views and loads of positive comments.

YouTubers heaped praise on the PM, with the top upvoted comment saying the government has taken “Good actions for the sake of Malaysian & long term”.

Another popular comment said “I think our country and our people comes first”. The same commenter said he/she “really respect PM for acknowledging this, he spoke well” by making it clear that Malaysia “couldn’t continue to accept more refugees”.

Many other comments responding to the Star video clip lauded Muhyiddin, e.g. “This is ONE PM who is really looking into pressing issues” and “Beliau seorang yang agak menjaga kebajikan rakyat dan tegas tanpa berdolak-dalik“.

The PM is clearly getting widespread public support on this ‘Say No to Rohingya’ issue.

82 percent M’sians want our borders sealed 

Muhyiddin is rightly being receptive to public opinion. A recent Ipsos poll (above) shows Malaysians are “now massively against refugees”, meaning massively against the Rohingya.

More than four out of every five Malaysian believe that we cannot continue to accept Rohingya who make up the biggest bulk of so called ‘refugees’ coming here.

UNHCR in Malaysia has 101,280 Rohingya on their register compared to 6,650 Pakistanis and some 3,000-plus asylum seekers each from Yemen, Somalia and Syria. It is also estimated that undocumented Rohingya in Malaysia are double the number of the 100,000 Rohingya registered with UNHCR.

Not only does Malaysia top the Ipsos global survey on negative sentiments against refugees, Malaysians have hardened our opinion to the extent that a mere two percent (see Yahoo! tweet below) say our country should be more open to refugees.

Technically speaking, the many, many Rohingya still heading our way whose departure point is Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh are not ‘refugees’ but economic migrants.

Rohingya who qualify as ‘refugees’ are those who trekked on foot from their villages in Rakhine, Myanmar to escape the Burmese military‘s “clearing operations”. Once they reached safety in the UN-run refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar however, they’re no longer in any danger from Burmese soldiers.

Hence, the Rohingya already safe in Cox’s Bazar but preferring to try and reach Malaysia cannot be considered as refugees.

It is unsurprising therefore that three-quarters (75%) of Malaysian respondents to the Ipsos questionnaire are convinced Rohingya be opportunists who “just want to come here for economic reasons” to take advantage of us.

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Super cyberbullies making disproportionate noise

Although Muhyiddin is getting strong support for making “a wise decision” rejecting the Rohingya, the voice of Malaysia’s majority is nonetheless being stifled.

Earlier the online petitions urging to deport the Rohingya – which drew “hundreds of thousands” of signatures – were pulled by host website, ostensibly for hate speech. Anti-open border comments on Twitter and Facebook pertaining to the Rohingya deluge have also been censored by the social media Gestapo.

Ethno nationalists all around the world are being shut down by globalists who control the tech giants which control the social media that control our public speech platforms.

BELOW: Muhyiddin is hugely popular among the Malays and most unpopular among the Chinese

Note on bar chart: The approval rating figures above are supposedly from a “survey by a reputable polling body which was commissioned by a west coast state government” and cited by The Star columnist Joceline Tan as well as Harakah Daily columnist Roslan Shahir Mohd Shahir a few days ago.

Caveat, the ratings on the three leaders Muhyiddin, Mahathir and Anwar cannot be independently verified by this blogger because info on the poll is yet to be available in the public domain.

Twits from the Cult of Woke, on the other hand, are allowed to freely spew comments against their countrymen — such as Bangsar Malaysia activist Fahmi Reza (above) who tweeted, “segelintir warga negara kita seperti binatang hilang pedoman ketandusan nilai manusiawi”.

According to the Ipsos survey, only two percent of Malaysian respondents said our country should be more open to refugees. Yet this minuscule minority can bully the majority, for instance Fahmi calling Malaysians who prefer to push back the Rohingya boats as being “akin to directionless animals devoid of humanity”.

Fahmi’s tweet is one of a piece with DAP’s Heidy Quah & her privileged gang who name-call with impunity their ideological opponents with slurs like “inhumane”, “cruel” and “unkind” … unlike the Marinas and Mahathirs of this world who are chock full of compassion and humanity.

Meanwhile the Rohingya boats are lurking around in Thai waters waiting to slip past our Malaysian coastguard.

DSP Rohizan Mohamad Said, who is Langkawi Region One Marine Police Force commanding officer, said on Sunday that the aircraft navigation lights on Gunung Mat Cincang are being used by the Rohingya as a guide to land their boats on Langkawi island in the dark of night.

Muhyiddin as the PM who listens to his people must do something about Langkawi that is too vulnerable to breaches of our territorial integrity.


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