If Shafie can do it, so can Zahid

Trigger a snap poll, I mean.

BELOW: Team Musa — 33 Aduns … this group photo is simply classic! It ranks alongside my favourites like Muhyiddin’s first cabinet meeting and the Sheraton Move plotters in Mahathir’s house

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Go for snap poll, Umno!

Conviction of Najib by the court will not change voters’ mind. The 95 percent Chinese who were pro DAP back in 2018 cannot hate Najib anymore today than they already do.

So even if Kit Siang screams “Kleptocrat! told jya” nyah nyah nyah from the rooftop of Komtar, and then Harapan proceeds to get 99 percent of the anti-Najib Chinese vote … so what? Najib is not the one who’s going to be leading his party into battle GE15.

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Search & Rescue — Bazir sumber negara, susahkan orang M’sia

Malaysia terpaksa melancarkan Ops Mencari & Menyelamat susulan khabar bahawa Rohingya sengaja terjun ke laut. Rujuk ‘Rohingya boat people fake drowning’.

Namun dakwaan yang dibuat oleh si ‘decoy’ bergelar Nor Hossain (umur 27 tahun) – bahawa rakan-rakan sekapalnya dikhuatiri lemas – adalah berupa helah semata-mata, yakni satu taktik untuk mengaburi pegawai penguatkuasa maritim kita. Continue reading “Search & Rescue — Bazir sumber negara, susahkan orang M’sia”

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Rohingya murtad, masuk Kristian

Sesetengah pelarian Rohingya yang menetap di India sudah tukar agama, kata laporan berita hari ini dalam The Economic Times.

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Rohingya: Tidak dirotan; akan dibenarkan tinggal di M’sia

NGO hak asasi yang bergelar Amnesty International itu kuat meroyan — tuduh negara kita bukan main kejam apatah telah merancang untuk membelasah (”viciously beat”) tahanan Rohingya.

Sebuah lagi badan penyibuk Barat iaitu Human Rights Watch (HRW) berkata Malaysia sebenarnya ‘mendera’ Rohingya andaikata melaksanakan hukuman ke atas mereka mengikut undang-undang kita, yakni “three strokes of the cane – a brutal punishment that constitutes torture under international human rights law”. Continue reading “Rohingya: Tidak dirotan; akan dibenarkan tinggal di M’sia”

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Malaysia’s “plan to viciously beat Rohingya refugees” — Amnesty International

NOTE: Amnesty International’s allegation is even more serious than Al Jazeera’s. Our Home Ministry should not let this pass.

“The plan to viciously beat Rohingya refugees is not only cruel and inhuman – it’s unlawful under international standards. To inflict such a violent punishment as judicial caning amounts to torture,” said Rachel Chhoa-Howard, Malaysia Researcher at Amnesty International.

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What Harapan supporters think about their fellow Malaysians

Dousing a kitten with gasoline,
and deliberately setting it on fire,
while gleefully recording on mobile its death throes,
as it runs around madly with tiny body ablaze
is #AnimalCruelty.

Slashing at hungry scavenging dogs with a parang is a most inhumane act.

Cruelty and inhumanity. Local pro-refugee activists also think Malaysians are cruel and inhumane. Continue reading “What Harapan supporters think about their fellow Malaysians”

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Err, where is the UEC special taskforce report?

Muhyiddin received Chinese visitors from Hua Zong yesterday who left with the impression that our PM will endorse the UEC.

Recognition of UEC was one of Harapan’s promises made in their manifesto. The 95-percent-voters want to collect from the current Malay government (which they did not vote for) an election promise made by DAP. Now that’s ‘C for Chutzpah’ ! Continue reading “Err, where is the UEC special taskforce report?”

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111-109 is not viable for a government, fresh polls please!

A snap election is our best option to return the mandate to the rakyat.

Some MPs have been playing musical chairs and their shifting allegiances distorted the real wishes of Malaysian voters. So rather than the party label that’s currently tagged to a frog MP, it is actually the voter trend in his area that gives an accurate reflection of the will of the people. Continue reading “111-109 is not viable for a government, fresh polls please!”


Muafakat can go it alone without Pribumi Bersatu

Monday … July 13 … a day of reckoning for Geng Sheraton. Hmm, any surprises in store?

Today is a pivotal day in parliament. But whatever happens in the Dewan this afternoon will not substantially change the shape of tomorrow to make our time afterwards any much different from yesterday.

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Time for Hindu, Buddhist voters to wise up

Tomorrow our MPs will show up in parliament and vote either to retain or overturn the status quo.

(a) If Muhyiddin‘s ‘Tukar Speaker’ motions are passed, life goes on with politics as usual. (b) If Mahathir wins his ‘no confidence’ bid, the PM will need to step down. Then a snap election follows.

For me, it’s no big deal either way. Continue reading “Time for Hindu, Buddhist voters to wise up”

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Dong Zong salurkan kasih sayang kepada PATI dan Rohingya

Dong Zong nekad untuk menangani masalah xenofobia dan rasisme di negara kita menerusi kempen mereka yang bertajuk ‘Menyalur Kasih Sayang Menjelang Wabak Covid-19’.

Pertubuhan aktivis Cina tersebut juga prihatin terhadap kejadian cyberbullying di mana “kenyataan kebencian dibuat” (# stop hate speech) kini berupa suatu gejala yang sedang berleluasa di media sosial.

Halaman khusus # Kita Semua Manusia Dong Zong di Fesbuk untuk ‘Memupuk masyarakat majmuk yang bertoleransi, TOLAK Xenofobia dan Rasisme!’ Continue reading “Dong Zong salurkan kasih sayang kepada PATI dan Rohingya”

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Non Malays who side with Al Jazeera

Their own backyard is bedlam and these omputih still dare to preach? We really do not need an NGO based in New York to lecture us on human rights, freedom and morality.

New York state is the USA’s worst-affected area for Covid-19. Just New York City alone has 218,000 coronavirus cases in the city population of 8.3 million. Compare the total 8,700 cases in Malaysia amidst our population of 32.6 million. It is very clear that Malaysia‘s handling of the pandemic is miles ahead of New York City‘s. Continue reading “Non Malays who side with Al Jazeera”

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Al Jazeera, a catalyst that made M’sian minority slip their mask

Tergamak peminat dan pembela Al Jazeera kutuk kerajaan Malaysia sampai begini — and furthermore using words like “a rubbish country” and “scum nation”.

See more tweets at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: Steven Mak‘s tweet was retweeted by Ambiga Sreenevasan Continue reading “Al Jazeera, a catalyst that made M’sian minority slip their mask”


Do these people have any love at all for M’sia?

What else can you think when they’re telling the world that Malaysia is racist.

Malaysia has topped yet another global survey. In this one, Malaysians perceive our own country to be very strongly guilty of racial and religious discrimination.

Index Mundi created a set of world indices based on the results of their international surveys.

On the question of “How big of a problem is racial discrimination in the country where you live?“, Malaysia came in second – see table below – among 76 countries polled. Continue reading “Do these people have any love at all for M’sia?”

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8-seconds VIDEO — Wear black, stand in middle of dark highway at midnight, result

BLM protesters blocked Seattle’s interstate-5 by parking two vehicles (one black in colour) without their lights on, right across the freeway.

A speeding driver swerves to avoid the cars parked directly in his path and hits a few Heathers — video. One died, another injured.

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Aiyoh Chow Kon Yeow, lu punya kawasan pun lu tak tahu jaga

The statue below of Francis Light is 80 years-and-nine months old. This sculpture on display in the sole DAP-ruled northern state is just a little younger than Lim Kit Siang whose age is 79 years five months. In the kurang ajar attack on a defenceless elderly, some virtue signaler(s) had splashed red paint on the bronze octogenarian

Such an act of vandalism (see below Malay Mail news story yesterday) should leave the DAP red faced as the Capt. Light statue stands in a Penang heritage square within the state assembly seat of Padang Kota — where the chief minister himself is Adun. Continue reading “Aiyoh Chow Kon Yeow, lu punya kawasan pun lu tak tahu jaga”


Time to end the bullying by DAP

“The latest brouhaha over a book cover that apparently depicts a parody of the national emblem (jatanegara) is an example of this naked exercise of ethno-religious power,” political scientist Azmil Tayeb wrote yesterday in an Aliran editorial.

“It is doubtful that the authorities and the public would have unleashed similar opprobrium had the editor been a Malay person and the book written in the national language instead,” opined Azmil who is the co-editor of the newsletter produced by Aliran, a blatantly pro-Harapan NGO based in Penang. Continue reading “Time to end the bullying by DAP”

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Jata Negara: Penulis-penulis puak ‘Born Again’

Melambak-lambak laporan polis yang dibuat terhadap hiasan kulit buku berjudul Rebirth yang baru diterbitkan oleh Gerakbudaya.

Rebirth bermaksud ‘lahir semula’. Istilah Born Again ini pada lazimnya merujuk kepada saudara yang tidak dilahirkan sebagai Kristian tetapi memilih untuk memeluk agama tersebut tatkala meningkat remaja ataupun dewasa. Continue reading “Jata Negara: Penulis-penulis puak ‘Born Again’”