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Ouch! That must hurt (Najib jentik Anwar)

PAS vice president Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah has invited Anwar to leave the Dark Side and come into the light after a meeting earlier today (pix below) between leaders of Perikatan.

Meanwhile Najib took a painful jab at Anwar — see his latest Facebook entry.

BELOW: I spy with my little eye three [or is it four?] Chinese party leaders in the group photo below … looks like Muhyiddin is trying to be inclusive

Err, who is it standing to the right of the MIC president; can anyone please tell me?

The Perikatan leaders above appear happier and more confident. The Harapan leaders, not so much. And the colour of Mat Sabu’s shirt looks like three-day old kangkung layu. 

Earlier I mentioned a recent Ipsos poll that found 82 percent of the Malaysian public want our borders secured against refugees (read Rohingya).

Nonetheless a small minority of loud Cina DAP virtue signalers have been calling their countrymen “unkind“ and “inhumane” for supporting our government’s decision to push back the Rohingya boats trying to slip into Langkawi under the cover of night.

It is becoming problematic when this contrarian minority is unable to respect the wishes of an overwhelming majority. More evidently, this hostile minority does not even care to try and see the point of view of the majority.

BELOW: Myanmar is holding its general election in Novermber; Rohingya-majority parliamentary areas in Rakhine have been reduced from three seats to one after a redrawing of constituency boundaries

NOTE ON MYANMAR: The Rohingya, an ethnic minority detested by the Burmese majority, is being further marginalized electorally this coming polls

Always opposing the majority consensus

I was only just now scrolling the Harakah Daily news feed when it struck me how many stories the PAS party organ carried that disapproved of the offputting and disturbing ‘artwork’ which played satirically on our Jata Negara. Public opinion, especially among the Malays, is largely against the Rebirth book cover that riffed on our national emblem.

Yet some Harapan supporters still chose to double down on the initial offence and pretend that the parody illustration was of a generic heraldry and not one specific to Malaysia. In other words, the usual Dapster in denial.

Come on lah, the book publisher himself Pak Chong has apologized, which I take to be a tacit acknowledgment that there is a real basis for the public uproar.

Breaking news (ref. Malaysiakini tweet above) — the contentious book has just been banned by the Home Ministry.

Expect another bout of verbal jousting then, with the usual suspects defending the book once again name-calling those who object to the book cover a variety of insulting names like … well, “Nazi” and “Taliban” are for sure among the labels.

This vocal minority is always bullying the silent majority because they can. At least for now (they can).

One thing certain to be a game changer is if Anwar were to leave Harapan as per the current rumour, and return to the embrace of the conservative majority.

Without their PKR Malay liberal sidekicks providing cover, I’d like to see how far the DAP evangelistas can continue to take their contrariness.


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6 thoughts on “Ouch! That must hurt (Najib jentik Anwar)

  1. Anwar should just retire and shut down PKR. No way he’s becoming PM in Pakatan, and nobody in PN wants him as PM as well. His dream is dead, he can blame Mahathir for that.
    Or blame himself for working with and getting screwed by that old man again.

  2. Helen,

    The thing about Anwar is not that he does not realise how unpopular he is from Malay viewpoint.

    He realises it. Yet his ego prevents him from admitting the reality. HIS Mind boggling obsession to be the PM clouds his judgement.

    PRU 2108 was the best chance PH had. Yet they screw it completely. We had the unwelcome limelight of having the oldest PM on this planet . Not to mention a totally useless Minister of Finance( Guan eng) who knows nothing about economy beyond ” selling spree of national assets” . And seriously Mohd Sabu’ sheer incompetence in English( and practically anything) makes Hismuddin looks very good.

    After decades of backstabbing and spending time to defeat political enemies( whomAmwar view as threats) , Anwar know realises people already realise about his shady character.

    HIS cliche words like ” rakyat mahukan…..”.

    Which rakyat? Do tell us?

    Vast majority of Malays already abandon PH. The main reason is they can’t stand DAP. And it is not surprising that Anwar and GUAM eng are getting honour nerve.

    Anwar is irrelevant.

    And I strongly believe UMNO will win PERMATANG Pauh in Next election

  3. I fully agree with commentator Shamshul.
    DAP pun guna taktik kotor sama dalam socmed. “The rakyat wants….. The people wants”. To which I respond, which rakyat you’re blabbering about? Opinions of your buddies at the mahjong table do not represent the rakyat lah mangkuk. Licik betul puak DAP cipta dan push narrative.

    1. me oso agree, for eg rakyat reject umno n umno still rule, so rakyat is basically useless, literally or figuratively speaking.

  4. A party like PKR cannot be trusted because:

    1. Langkah Kajang; please explain how could a big swathe of people lent their support for a party that blatantly culled their own so that the supremo get to be on top?
    2. Langkah Port Dickson; PKR did it again;
    3. Reeking with nepotism, but still have a following;
    4. Basis of the party to get DSAI to be PM. Let him struggle alone to be PM, don’t involve the nation for personal aspirations.

    Since this is about PKR I confine this to the matter at hand.

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