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8-seconds VIDEO — Wear black, stand in middle of dark highway at midnight, result

BLM protesters blocked Seattle’s interstate-5 by parking two vehicles (one black in colour) without their lights on, right across the freeway.

A speeding driver swerves to avoid the cars parked directly in his path and hits a few Heathers — video. One died, another injured.

The driver is black but this does not deter the deranged SJWs from screaming he‘s a “white supremacist”, “neo Nazi”, etc. And needless to say, they’ve blamed Trump.

Like that display of insanity on 12 Aug 2017 when a car being hit by Antifa thugs wielding baseball bats had ploughed through a leftist mob in Charlottesville, Virginia. Yesterday’s Seattle 4th of July Antifa mob would have lynched the black man (driver) on the spot if he had not sped off (but was chased and caught by police).


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8 thoughts on “8-seconds VIDEO — Wear black, stand in middle of dark highway at midnight, result

  1. but there r indeed many black “white supermarsist”, not only they r racist to all others except white supremacists bec no ball, but oso refuse to work hard n expect the white govt to feed them forever, n still talk abt slavery n racist practice everyday when it end 150 n 50 years ago.

    today no more cowboy shooting red indian on the street la, we can only see many white police kneel to a horde of black thug.

    1. HY, the white way is never the right way. Non-whites unite and fight the power.

      1. agree, but still much better than the black way, many r parasites, we shd unite to fight parasites .

          1. receive welfare have more to do with poverty, parasite is those that work very little but want so much, or criminal n corrupted officer that want to be treated as ethnic hero, else they will start looting, shooting, vandalising, n warn us about rioting n bloodshed.

            its not the same thing.

            1. Blacks and Hispanics have substantially higher rates of poverty compared to whites, but the whites get more welfare. The whites are leeching off the minorities.

            2. can agree, i suppose this could be one of the way to prevent or alleviate the number white majority running amok. btw, whats the non white way? any reference?

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