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Al Jazeera, a catalyst that made M’sian minority slip their mask

Tergamak peminat dan pembela Al Jazeera kutuk kerajaan Malaysia sampai begini — and furthermore using words like “a rubbish country” and “scum nation”.

See more tweets at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: Steven Mak‘s tweet was retweeted by Ambiga Sreenevasan

Al Jazeera’s home base is Qatar on the Arabian peninsula.

Qatar‘s fellow Gulf state Kuwait is all set to throw out 800,000 Indian workers from the country, partly repercussions from the coronavirus pandemic as well as because of the recent nosedive in price in oil — see news report below.

Therefore Malaysia tightening our immigration enforcement is nothing unusual; the same is happening all around the world.

Yet Al Jazeera pictures in its controversial short film this week that illegals in Malaysia feel badly treated because we’ve rounded up some of them for deportation.

Predictably people in our country are taking sides in the Al Jazeera quarrel along the accustomed minority-majority ratio we’re familiar with. The Al Jazeera video on YouTube has been viewed one-and-a-half million times and received 5,100 thumbs-up (minority sentiment) versus 302,000 thumbs-down (majority sentiment).

The you-know-who minority, as usual, will jump at any chance to cast Malaysia in a bad light, including in this controversy of the Al Jazeera negative reporting. Hence their cheering on the Qatar cable broadcaster.

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The pandemic affected everybody.

“Since the beginning of Covid-19, there has been a spike in anti-expat rhetoric,” reported Gulf News on Sunday (July 5) about the tensions in Kuwait.

And let’s not forget that stressed Malaysian citizens ourselves were under lockdown, where even funeral attendance was restricted and weddings cancelled. It’s true some Bangladeshis and Rohingya were put in detention centres but hey, we Malaysians were self quarantined too in our homes under the MCO!

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People in same country with hostile, opposite views 

How big can the partisan gap be and what are its consequences? Let’s take a quick look the world’s No.1 Diversity Country.

The Divided States of America is at its most polarized in modern USA history, according to the result of a Gallup poll released two days ago. There is currently an 89-point chasm between how Republicans and Democrats rate their president. Donald Trump received a 91 percent job approval rating from Republicans versus only two percent from Democrats.

There is also a incipient race war there with skirmishes occurring between Black Lives Matter activists (which includes violent white Antifa) and ordinary Americans who feel threatened by the riots and the Occupy.

BELOW: Ambiga Sreenevasan‘s Twitter storm today

“A rubbish country”,  “scum nation” 

Former Bersih chairman Ambiga had a lot to say about the Al Jazeera kerfuffle and its tangential immigration issues. In her series of tweets and retweets today (see below also), Ambiga touched on police questioning of Heidy Quah and Tashny Sukumaran, and the supposedly racist and xenophobic hate speech by Malaysians.

Similar to over there in the USA, Malaysia has a huge partisan divide as well. As one example, public approval for the Perikatan government is largely positive on its handling of the virus first wave. Nonetheless, among hardcore supporters of the ousted Harapan regime (a minority), the Muhyiddin government can do nothing right.

BELOW: A witch hunt by our authorities? “Yup” Ambiga responds

Typical knee-jerk response from the usual suspects — of course they would slam our police for initiating a probe on Al Jazeera.

And needless to say, their undisguised contempt for the Perikatan government – see below Steven Mak’s diatribe retweeted by Ambiga – is not able to be kept in check when the opportunity presents itself.


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3 thoughts on “Al Jazeera, a catalyst that made M’sian minority slip their mask

  1. While many foreigners awe and admire what Malaysian government has done to mitigate and control Covid-19 spread, local activists through Al-Jazeera and other media work hard to belie it. But, the truth of the taste is in the pudding.

    If these activists really want to help the poor refugees, they should urge UK, US, Australia to take Rohingya instead of Hong Kong refugees. Rohingya refugees are in much desparate need for a state than Hong Kongers.

    Can these activists care to explain why Hong Kongers are more valuable than Rohingya? Are Rohingya not human too? Al-Jazeera can do great favor to the world by highlighting this discrimination in their next documentary.

  2. al jazeera is a muslim news outlet, i believe they follow law n order while doing reporting, i dun understand y many msian sound very critical towards a abiding law n order muslim news outlet, this people get jealous whenever muslim did a great job in reporting truth, this people hate muslim that doing a decent job that exposed how muslim was treated like animal, thankfully we hv msian like heidy n me that watched muslim al jazeera n not christian cnn everyday.

    1. What muslim (christian and non-muslim alike) hate is fake news, lies and slanders. This is especially true after realizing they are a victim of these lies. The lies are concocted with such a fallacy as “full of love”, “in the spirit of democracy”, “human right” etc., to deceit. The good news is people who sputtered fake news are being investigated. We’ll see if they truly followed law & order or not. As Atlanta mayor said, “enough is enough”.

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