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Non Malays who side with Al Jazeera

Their own backyard is bedlam and these omputih still dare to preach? We really do not need an NGO based in New York to lecture us on human rights, freedom and morality.

New York state is the USA’s worst-affected area for Covid-19. Just New York City alone has 218,000 coronavirus cases in the city population of 8.3 million. Compare the total 8,700 cases in Malaysia amidst our population of 32.6 million. It is very clear that Malaysia‘s handling of the pandemic is miles ahead of New York City‘s.

BELOW: Bill de Blasio the NYC mayor is a constant feature at the city’s annual Gay Pride parade

Waving black woman in pink is Mrs de Blasio

During the last quarter, Malaysia locked down its own citizens as well as illegal immigrants to control the spread of the coronavirus. Contrast the American Left Coast: NYC belly flopped on the pandemic and then dropped on its knees to Black Lives Matter.

Other New Yorkers defied their city lockdown to turn NYC into a “No Go Zone” where half a million middle-class residents have fled for safety from the BLM rioting, looting and murder spree (250 shootings last month).

There is law and order in Malaysia whereas lawlessness and mob rule prevail in New York City. To dig the hole even deeper, its mayor Bill de Blasio agreed to defund the New York police department and taking away US$1 billion from the NYPD budget.

BELOW: NYPD union the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) tweeted a “Peace and Love” snark at Bill de Blasio whom they despise

Bersihkan halaman sendiri dulu lah

The Human Rights Watch is an NGO headquartered in New York City. Its address is No.350, 5th Avenue, NY.

HRW is located on the very same street referenced by then presidential candidate Donald Trump on 23 Jan 2016 when he said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters”.

Its own city is a byword for chaos-and-anarchy but HRW still presumes to push Asian governments to UBAH our laws, policies and practices to align with liberal (read: destructive) values promoted by their Cult of Woke.

Phil Robertson is HRW deputy Asia director. Following Al Jazeera’s short film critical of the lockdown in Malaysia, Robertson issued a press statement chastizing our country and telling us to ‘Stop Treating Criticism as a Crime’.

“Malaysia’s Perikatan Nasional government is increasingly responding to public criticism by carrying out abusive investigations on specious charges,” he said yesterday.

In his statement, Robertson defended specifically by name Boo Su-Lyn, Steven Gan, Heidy Quah, Thomas Fann, Tashny Sukumaran, Cynthia Gabriel, Xavier Jayakumar, Patrick Teoh and R. Sri Sanjeevan, describing them as “all recently faced police questioning for peaceful speech”.

BELOW: The values of New York, a city on its knees, is nothing salutary for the rest of the world to emulate

Note that the individuals above – from media and NGOs, and including one politician – who are listed by Robertson are all either Malaysian Chinese or Malaysian Indians … every single one.

Interfering foreigners like HRW and Amnesty International side with the non Malays here. The non Malays on their part prefer to side with foreigners like Al Jazeera and Rohingya against their own government in Putrajaya.

Police in New York are kneecapped from doing their job. Meanwhile the New York-based HRW and its deputy Asia director Phil Robertson want the Malaysian government to rein in our police on top of “take immediate steps to amend or repeal the abusive laws being used against critical speech”.

White-guilted liberals have made a mess of their own globalist cities. They’re in no position to tell Asians how to run our countries.


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5 thoughts on “Non Malays who side with Al Jazeera

  1. Quite frankly, I’d like to see the Americans screw themselves.

    And Malaysia’s government should ignore these western NGOs and their ma-chais here.

    And, ban Aljazeera from all Malaysian TV, whether free-to-air, fibre or satellite TV.

    1. No, don’t ban them. Let them continue and enjoy their “free speech” practices. Malaysian government can get a lot of money from legal settlement from them later. Besides, they are uniting Malaysians against illegal immigrants and fake news. Thank you jazeera and supporters of fake news for uniting Malaysians more than ever. Malaysians are no longer gullible these days like what they used to be in the past.

  2. Please do not be racial. Marina also support.

    She is now Malay. Grandpa came in without travelling document. Even change name from Iskandar Kutty to Mohamed bin Iskandar (o kutty). No way to prove otherwise.

  3. i salute the west n muslim news outlet that expose how muslim was treated like criminal/animal in xinjiang/msia. i dun know y muslim country n many many many muslim buat tak tahu, is this the muslim kharacteristics of law n order?

    heidy is my hero, i love heidy like how she love muslim. i think helen is jealous of heidy for loving muslim.

  4. We are blessed with many non-malay heroes in our lifetime. One supposedly is christian chinese Heidy Quah who loves refugees, criticizes authority publicly alleging refugees mistreatment, but condems local neighbors who criticize her for her misplaced love for illegal foreigners, and she won an award. Another non-malay hero is muslim chinese Ebit Lew who loves kids and poor malays, spending millions of his own money to rescue local poor and homeless people, doing work silently, respecting authority and not expecting any reward.

    Ebit seems to practice the teaching of Jesus (pbuh) that “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” more dearly than the christian activist. If the christian activist thinks muslim does not love refugees, she is wrong. Ebit proves that.

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