My third most favourite group photo, haw haw haw

Behold, the Big Chiefs of Pakatan-Plus!

By the way, my No.1 fav group photo is that of Muhyiddin’s maiden cabinet meeting and No.2 is of the Sheraton Move pow-wow by plotters at Mahathir’s house.

DAP and their Pribumi-Amanah-Warisan allies below are discussing how not to spook the Malays. No Indians have been invited to their discussion.

Even the Malay-dominated Perikatan has an Indian, the MIC president, at their last meeting chaired by Muhyiddin in Putrajaya on July 1.

BELOW: The Dirty Dozen … Of the twelve leaders seated at table, four are DAP — Guan Eng (1 o’clock), Chin Tong (4 o’clock), Anthony Loke (7 o’clock) and Kok Wai (11 o’clock)

But spooking the Chinese is okay

After all, DAP supporters are sheeple who will pangkah Roket no matter what.

Having now alienated Anwar (conspicuously missing from the rectangular table above), DAP’s top leaders consider the twenty-something and partyless Syed Saddiq as their new best friend among the Malays today.

“We must also do everything within our ability to ensure that our closest ally Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman is returned as MP for Muar while trying our best to cause the defeat of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in Pagoh [in the event of a snap election],” DAP strategist Liew Chin Tong earlier told his party grassroots at a meeting in Johor.

BELOW: DAP’s Charles Santiago thought Syed Saddiq was sorely missing police protection when the Mahathir protege “terpaksa lari guna jalan tikus dan lompat pagar” in an embarrassing incident a few months ago

“I told our members that whenever a newspaper column or anyone, inside or outside the party, tells us that DAP should just take care of its so-called ‘Chinese base’, these people are either half-witted or they have a malignant intention,” Chin Tong recounted in his Facebook today.

He said heeding such a reminder (for DAP not to neglect its Chinese base in the party’s pursuit of Malay votes) would only play into the hands of the enemy.

The arrogant DAP is so supremely confident it has the 95 percent Chinese in its pocket that the party takes for granted Chinese support in perpetuity from the brainwashed community and maybe still including the recalcitrant, complaining Half Wits who pen newspaper columns.

There is a teki-teki that goes: Yang dikejar tidak berlari, yang mengejar tidak berkaki. Apa itu?

Perhaps the DAP’s kaki ampu bodek Mahathir should think about this kejar-mengejar joke since they’re so busy chasing shadows and ever more mixed-race seats to grab from PKR.

Is the DAP Chinese base pro Rohingya or only its Christians? 

There is also a peribahasa that should be familiar: Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran.

The DAP strategy to chase Malay votes is undoubtedly self-serving. A new twist is the DAP’s backing of Mahathir who slammed the Perikatan Malay government as “tidak berperikemanusiaan” for pushing back Rohingya boats.

Presently it is the Chinese who are posturing as the most kind, humane and refugee-welcoming community in Malaysia.

At the rate that it’s going, the DAP might as well also take a leaf from Dong Zong’s playbook by launching a proper campaign to ‘Salur Kasih Sayang’ kepada Rohingya and further augment the virtue signaling already perfected by its evangelistas.

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Dong Zong is running a # Say No To Xenophobia and # Stop Racism campaign. Who would have guessed?

Meanwhile DAP born again Christian activist Heidy Quah claims she is being investigated for “defamation” (Section 500 of the Penal Code) by police because of her assumed motive to tarnish our country’s good name by smearing the Immigration Department.

Even today in her Facebook, Heidy continues to accuse Malaysians of xenophobia.

So the “xenophobe” buzzword is their newest addition to the DAP’s arsenal of “racist” and “religious bigot” namecalling. Xenophobia, racism and bigotry are the accusations usually hurled at Malays.

“Half witted” is what DAP now calls the non Malays who refuse to be zombies marching to the party’s tune. Haw haw haw. 


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  1. These people don’t really want to help others, just using them as excuses to hate, insult and bring down Malays and Malaysia.

    No good sincere intentions, only vile malice signified by the vile words coming from their mouths.

  2. its a photo abt muhibah, no indian is fine, indian doesnt matter, moreover mahathir son can represent indian, this photo dun show satu bangsa satu agama, this photo dun show a lone wolf hmmm dog, this photo is abt love, this photo show how we msian love each other, i love this photo.

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