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111-109 is not viable for a government, fresh polls please!

A snap election is our best option to return the mandate to the rakyat.

Some MPs have been playing musical chairs and their shifting allegiances distorted the real wishes of Malaysian voters. So rather than the party label that’s currently tagged to a frog MP, it is actually the voter trend in his area that gives an accurate reflection of the will of the people.

Take the seat of Sabak Bernam and its history of parliament representation:

  • 2018: Fasiah Fakeh (Umno → Pribumi)
  • 2013: Fasiah Fakeh (Umno)
  • 2008: Abdul Rahman Bakri (Umno)
  • 2004: Mat Yasir Ikhsan (Umno)
  • 1999: Zainal Dahlan (Umno)
  • 1995: Mahbud Hashim (Umno)
  • 1990: Mahbud Hashim (Umno)
  • 1986: Hussein Taib (Umno)
  • 1982: Jamaluddin Suhaimi (Umno)
  • 1978: Jamaluddin Suhaimi (Umno)
  • 1974: Mustafa Abdul Jabar (Umno)
  • 1971: Mustafa Abdul Jabar (Umno)
  • 1964: Mustafa Abdul Jabar (Umno)
  • 1959: Syed Hashim Syed Ajam (Umno)

Sabak Bernam has been voting Umno uninterrupted for 62 years. It is what you call a traditional Umno safe seat.

The present Sabak Bernam MP defected from Umno in 2018 to join Pribumi. His action resulted in Sabak Bernam briefly becoming a Pakatan seat from February 2019 to February 2020, that is until the Sheraton Move.

Umno won Sabak Bernam in fourteen straight general elections. The constituents there are not Harapan supporters. Hence Sabak Bernam can be expected to revert to Umno in GE15 or sooner in a snap poll. Likewise the many other Umno seats betrayed by their MPs who had leapfrogged over to Mahathir’s camp post GE14.

How Malays perceive the DAP supporters

Mainly as hypocrites of the highest order.

This is particularly evident in the DAP’s flip-flopping sentiments towards Mahathir (see tweet above). It makes you dizzy just to look at Dapsters swaying to-and-fro following the snaky dictates of evangelista politics — where for long decades Mahathir was to them a Big Fat Zero and then in recent years, a Great Old Hero.

The same sudden switch befell Art Harun in only the last 24 hours. He was their liberal Malay hero when appointed by the Harapan government to be Election Commission chairman. He fell steeply to zero, however, after accepting a nomination by the Perikatan government to be Dewan Speaker.

According to Aliran journalist Anil Netto who watched yesterday’s live parliament sitting, Art Harun was heckled by Harapan MPs amid catcalls that he was a “Backdoor speaker!” whom nobody voted for.

Harapan’s partisan supporters have also had plenty nasty to say online about Art. Their nastiness is a 180-degree turnaround as Art was – until recently when he accepted Muhyiddin’s juicy offer – a darling of the Bangsar Bubble.

BELOW: Pakatuns have already nicknamed Art Harun the new “Backdoor Speaker”

Yesterday saw Art Harun quickly stepping in following a vote in parliament to remove Mohamad Ariff Yusof as speaker.

221 MPs* were present in the House. Batu Pahat MP Rashid Hasnon was presiding as Deputy Speaker, so he didn’t vote. Out of the 200 MPs who voted yesterday, 111 agreed to the removal of Ariff. The 109 naysayers in the opposition lost by a margin of two.

In our 222-member Dewan Rakyat, a swing of just two MPs (2 + 109) to the other side will create a hung parliament.

BELOW: The line graph below by Tom Pepinsky (a Cornell professor) shows Chinese voter composition in the seats contested by DAP

Behaviour of Malay, Chinese voters 

The stream of vitriol yesterday against Art Harun was something utterly predictable. Acid dripped from DAP leaders and their supporters.

As it stands today, DAP is the biggest party on one side of the political divide with 42 MPs while Umno is the biggest party on the opposite side with 39 MPs. DAP and the multiracial coalition it heads are solidly backed by Chinese whereas Umno and the largely mono-religious coalition it heads are backed predominantly by Malays.

Bottomline: Malaysians vote racially.

For example, any seat having above 50 percent Chinese electorate has a “Reserved for DAP (to win)” stamp on it because the Chinese vote is such a monolithic bloc. In GE14, the DAP had been able to snag even those seats with only 35-45 percent Chinese electorate due to the unity of the Chinese vote.

Let’s further compare the behaviour of the two sides and their supporters. In March this year, the DAP hardcore were spitting venom at the toppling of the Harapan government. By contrast, Umno followers were limp biscuits when the BN government was toppled previously in May 2018.

DAP people were gloating when their party stepped foot for the first time in Putrajaya … heralding a New Malaysia. Umno people were fairly muted when their party made a return to Putrajaya after a 22-month hiatus.

BELOW: All the five panelists are non Malay albeit the moderator (one guy) is Malay 

The ‘Chinese base’ preening as the kindest folks around

The direct attacks on Malays are the kind of remarks currently hurled at Art Harun. Indirect attacks are the depiction of Malays as inhumane, xenophobic and racist to their fellow Muslims from foreign lands.

Take Heidy Quah (above, scheduled to speak this coming Thursday) who incessantly portrays herself as merely being “kind” and always spreading love among refugees.

Commenting on the Al Jazeera kerfuffle, lawyer Goh Cia Yee said yesterday that migrants, such as the Bangladeshi man Rayhan Kabir whose work permit was revoked for speaking to the Qatar broadcaster, are facing “unwarranted hate” in Malaysia.

“Would he mind returning back to his home country? After the way he and his friend are being treated here, I think perhaps not,” said Cia Yee who has long advocated for Rohingya refugees to be allowed to reside in Malaysia. 

Cia Yee further declared: “I stand in solidarity with Rayman [sic] Kabir, the journalists involved in the Al-Jazeera documentary and the hundreds of undocumented migrants whose only motive in coming to Malaysia is to seek a better life for their family and themselves”.

The problem is people like Cia Yee and Dong Zong don’t stand in solidarity with the majority of Malaysians. They like to complain about ‘Othering’ but it is they themselves who choose to constantly oppose the mainstream whom are falsely pictured as hateful and unsympathetic to undocumented migrants.

* Sabah’s Kota Marudu MP Maximus Ongkili was the only parliamentarian absent from yesterday’s Dewan Rakyat sitting due to “extreme exhaustion” (reason supposedly provided by his doctor). He is a PBS rep on the Perikatan government side.


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9 thoughts on “111-109 is not viable for a government, fresh polls please!

  1. These people don’t stand in solidarity with others. They use others and discard them.

    Also, Malaysia chronicle is trash.

  2. The basic principle in democracy is having the majority even by one. If there is, then it is legitimate and there should be no reason to waiver.

    1. One dap mp will join that will 110. If pkr d. Speaker resign that will make it even 111. Yes that it democracy. You cannot run the country with this number. Make sure nobody get sick for next 3 years. GO for new election to solve the impasse

  3. Return the mandate to the peoples. Let peoples the the judge. There are too many wakil sendiri in current session. What we want is wakil rakyat not wakil sendiri. RESPECT should be given to those that stick to peoples mandate.esp Umno, Pas, Pkr, Dap et al. Damned those who deviate peoples mandate. So let have new election. Let it be fair and square.

  4. 111 is half, not majority. i think we need a recount who command the majority to be a pm, this round use pen n not pencil, cant simply erase.

    1. No.112 is Maximus Ongkili who was absent on medical leave when the Dewan sat Monday. He is Muhyiddin’s cabinet minister (Minister in PM’s Dept). He is also president of PBS which is a BN-Perikatan party. So he’s ruling party MP lah.

      Two iffy independents are Sri Gading MP Shahruddin Md Salleh & Lubok Antu MP Jugah Muyang.

      Such a precarious gomen. But will DAP dare to face a snap election? I think not.

  5. majority means having more than the other, even if its a bit more,its still a “more”. What do you mean :you cannot run the country with this number”. It is because we are not yet use to it. There is a cabinet to advise the YDPA, thats how the country is administered. Even during election, the country can be managed just as fine.

    1. If you lose majority you cannot pas the law. Next will be budget2021. Pas head honco is always absent by design or by nature. Italy govt fell few times and so do Isreal. T. MAY of had to call election.

  6. TSMY is enjoying increasing popularity and support among malays. To get malays’ support, DAP does not have to go to every kampung. Even if they did, they only got wrath of the malays. Just work hard to win heart and trust of one man. This is much easier than winning hearts of all the malays in kampungs. TSMY needs genuine followers who can help him to allay rakyat suffering. DAP can fill-up the need. DAP, it’s your call to help the rakyat. Your sincerity will be repaid in 2023 when TSMY returns to PH.

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