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Hua Zong’s statement about Muhyiddin potentially granting recognition to the UEC had been trending in social media — an indication it was big news, especially among the Chinese community.

This same news also created a tremendous backlash from the Malay community.

PMO has just issued a clarification on the matter — see below.

In their meeting with Muhyiddin (pix below), Hua Zong detailed to the PM what the Chinese wanted from Budget 2021, which includes:

  • renewal of grant for the private Han Chiang University College in Penang, New Era University College in Selangor and Southern University College in Johor
  • annual grants for all independent Chinese schools in the country
  • annual grants for all vernacular schools
  • yearly allocations for the Malaysian Chinese Museum and the annual National Chinese Cultural Festival

Back when Joseph Kurup was Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, he had established a National Unity Consultative Council comprising such luminaries as Marina Mahathir, Mujahid Yusof, Saifuddin Abdullah dan geng sewaktu dengan mereka.

On 16 March 2014 when addressing a Rukun Tetangga programme in Kajang, the minister spoke in bahasa Melayu. Kurup‘s speech was translated into Mandarin for the Chinese audience.

In January this year, Dong Zong met up with the Harapan cabinet minister Mujahid Yusof over the Jawi issue (see below). Following their meeting, Mujahid held a press conference in bahasa Melayu. The Dong Zong man spoke to reporters in Mandarin.

Yet DAP and its party supporters are always shoving their “We’re all Malaysians” bromide down everybody’s throat.


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  1. What, did they make big announcement about one thing while keeping quiet about a lot other things they’re asking?

    Sounds deceitful.

    Anyway, Muhyiddin should know that DAP already told the Chinese to vote against him and make him lose Pagoh. They rather have Malays like Saddiq , LOL.

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