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Malaysia’s “plan to viciously beat Rohingya refugees” — Amnesty International

NOTE: Amnesty International’s allegation is even more serious than Al Jazeera’s. Our Home Ministry should not let this pass.

“The plan to viciously beat Rohingya refugees is not only cruel and inhuman – it’s unlawful under international standards. To inflict such a violent punishment as judicial caning amounts to torture,” said Rachel Chhoa-Howard, Malaysia Researcher at Amnesty International.

AI’s accusation against Malaysia of planning “torture” is being carried today by many international media.

BELOW: The plan by Malaysia is too “abhorrent” says Rachel Chhoa-Howard

The accusations leveled earlier and most persistently by certain local activists that Malaysians are cruel and inhumane (CLICK TO READ) to PATI are now echoed by the foreign NGOs and reported by media around the world.

DAP born again Christian activist Heidy Quah (standing on the right in file pix below) is investigated by police for allegedly tarnishing our country’s reputation.


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