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What Harapan supporters think about their fellow Malaysians

Dousing a kitten with gasoline,
and deliberately setting it on fire,
while gleefully recording on mobile its death throes,
as it runs around madly with tiny body ablaze
is #AnimalCruelty.

Slashing at hungry scavenging dogs with a parang is a most inhumane act.

Cruelty and inhumanity. Local pro-refugee activists also think Malaysians are cruel and inhumane.

Hundreds of thousands people have signed online petitions asking the Perikatan government to secure our national borders against illegal economic migrants trying to sneak in by boat during a time when Malaysians were under lockdown due to the pandemic.

There are 353,000 thumbs down on the Al Jazeera documentary implying that Malaysia does not treat kindly our undocumented immigrant workers.

These pro-establishment Malaysians have also been blackened as “cruel” and “inhumane” against Rohingya.

Malaysians who support the health and security measures taken by our government to control the spread of Covid-19, which includes pushing back the Rohingya boats, have been incessantly portrayed as people without the milk of human kindness.

Or in the words of activist Michelle Liu, “Persons of this category are willing to sidestep their sense of morality”. She said: “The recent outpouring of hatred towards Rohingya refugees on social media has been nothing short of appalling“.

Michelle went to the extent of labeling those who say ‘No’ to boat people as immoral “Malaysians who actually believe that Rohingya are like dogs”.

This dehumanization, i.e. viewing other people as animals, dogs, rats, cockroaches, according to Michelle, “is often a precursor to escalated violence and hostility against vulnerable minorities”. She adds that it follows for this (inhumane xenophobic) group to think of the dehumanized as “such ‘animals’ and ‘vermins’ [that] ought to be exterminated”.

But Michelle goes on to grant that well at least “This is not to say that Malaysians with negative sentiments of Rohingyas now possess genocidal tendencies”.

Okay Michelle, if these inhumane Malaysians in your opinion are – for the time being – still short of genocide and a desire to exterminate, what do you think they (your “cruel” Malaysians) have in mind to do, albeit in a limited form, to the Rohingya, pray tell?

ABOVE: Heidy Quah leaving Bukit Aman after being questioned by police 

Then there is the born again Christian DAP activist Heidy Quah who – typical of her religious kind – has Other-ed many of her fellow Malaysians into the metaphorical ‘goats’ that need to be separated from good ‘sheep’.

According to the Bible, Jesus in his second coming will place the sheep on his right and the goats on his left; the sheep are blessed by God while devilish goats are accursed and bound for eternal hellfire.

In Heidy’s accounting, but rather than the sorting of sheep from goats, her sorting is to place on her right the people who are aligned with her (full of loving kindness) and on her left, xenophobic people who are against her refugee activism and agenda.

Of the latter group, Heidy exhorts them “to be kinder. More human” … and “to treat another human being, like a human being” — see her Facebook entry two weeks’ below:

It seems as if the Michelle Liu’s, the Heidy Quah’s and the Rachel Tan’s (ref. Rachel’s repeated invocation of “xenophobic spiral” during her panel moderation at the Refugee Festival 2020) are insinuating that some pro-closed border Malaysians are being less than kind and not human enough.

And that these supposed Malaysian xenophobes fail to meet the Michelle-Heidy-Rachel righteous threshold to “treat another human being, like a human being”.

This week we’ve seen the cruelty of setting a kitten on fire and the court punishment meted out for slashing dogs with parang — the inhumanity of man.

Some Malaysians have been continually telling the world that their fellow Malaysians are inhumane and cruel. What do these finger pointers think their fellow Malaysians are actually capable of doing to others?


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