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Chinese must stop being fooled by DAP

The evangelical party is champion at playing the victim card.

They whinge that they’re always being made political scapegoats. Not only that, DAP also projects that the widespread public hatred directed at their party is one and the same as purported hatred for the Chinese community by pro-government people.

DAP’s chief propaganda is how the Chinese minority here have been cast as “bogeymen” to scare the Malays. This kind of brainwashed thinking is exemplified in the Malaysiakini anonymous subscriber comment today under the article headlined ‘Using Trump’s playbook, Umno and PAS scapegoat DAP’:

“In the US, President Donald Trump used divide-and-rule to win power. He aims to sow hatred of the minorities so that the white majority will vote for him.

“The same is true here in Malaysia. Both Umno and PAS create a siege mentality among the Malays so that they too can win power.” — See below

But who is the one really sowing hatred?

Let’s see.

Presently it is the Malays who are against the UNHCR giving too many refugee cards to Rohingya without proper security vetting. An Utusan report two days ago on the topic was titled ‘Rohingya : Jangan sampai ‘pijak’ kepala’.

Pro-Rohingya activists among the Western and local NGOs have been demonizing Malaysians as “cruel” and “inhumane”. Many of these local NGIs demonizing Malaysians (who are mostly Malay) on the Rohingya issue are Chinese individuals.

The vocal NGIs are also saying that Malaysian (read Malay) politicians are making the Rohingya a “scapegoat”. The Malaysiakini vox populi, as mentioned above, is headlined ‘Using Trump’s playbook, Umno and PAS scapegoat DAP’.

Actually, the ones using the playbook is obvious to anybody who is not indoctrinated by the DAP.


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