Take away from DAP what they want most

POWER!  For the perks and privilege that comes with it.

DAP have shown themselves to be the most power-hungry party.

Unlike MCA which had been in power since before Merdeka (or 1952 to be precise), the DAP only tasted federal power for the first time in 2018. They were like kaduk naik junjung.

And the most Mahathir toe-licking DAP leaders are Guan Eng and Hannah. Their party rode Mahathir to power in GE14 and some in DAP still believe the Old Horse remains their ticket to ride back to Putrajaya once again.

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Ugly withdrawal symptoms after their positions taken away

Guan Eng and Hannah are triggered that Najib “still enjoys outrider services on Malaysian roads”.

When Hannah was formerly a deputy minister, she had enjoyed a government car, driver and police bodyguard. But with the collapse of the Harapan government, her cabinet perks suddenly disappeared.

Ever since then, Hannah has been sniping at her successor Siti Zailah who was quickly bullied off the Twitter platform (note: Hannah has 290,000 followers on Twitter and you all know how abusive the Dapster mob is on social media) and this week she gave Najib the stick-finger-in-nose gesture (emoji) — see below.

Not a good look for graceless political Christianity party

The past five months – dating from the Sheraton Move – have seen the Dapster heads of family and their rabid supporters showing very bad form.

When BN was toppled on 9 May 2018, shell-shocked voters of the coalition took the ouster from power with some good grace. We can’t say the same however for DAP leaders and their hardcore followers when Harapan lost power this March — just compare the behaviour of BN people and Harapan people in coping with our respective losses.

Most emblematic of ‘the nature of the beast’ is their mercurial treatment of Art Harun. DAP and Dapsters showered praises on Art when Harapan appointed him to the Election Commission chair. Now they hurl curses at Art because Perikatan appointed him “backdoor” Dewan Speaker.

Art Harun is the same man but overnight his status plunged from hero to zero. If they can turn on Art in the blink of an eye, imagine what they will do to you.

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3 thoughts on “Take away from DAP what they want most

    1. Oh yeah, snort. That’s the word.

      BTW I think this article is related to previous one. DAP supporters are not being fooled by DAP, they’re playing along with the lies. How do they change quickly, from showering praises to hurling insults? None of the praises are sincere in the first place, they’re as genuine as DAP support for hudud when they were allied with PAS. People, ideology, religion, just tools for them to get power.

  1. For 40 over years I paid my income tax and not once did i question tax department judgement on how much that i should pay. I never vote for ruling party but i trust income tax dept to be fair. So if you are asked to pay. Pay lah. Dont be tax dodgers.

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