Go for snap poll, Umno!

Conviction of Najib by the court will not change voters’ mind. The 95 percent Chinese who were pro DAP back in 2018 cannot hate Najib anymore today than they already do.

So even if Kit Siang screams “Kleptocrat! told jya” nyah nyah nyah from the rooftop of Komtar, and then Harapan proceeds to get 99 percent of the anti-Najib Chinese vote … so what? Najib is not the one who’s going to be leading his party into battle GE15.

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With regard to PAS supporters, they still see on one hand, a now convicted Najib but who is not leading Umno (he resigned the party presidency on 12 May 2018, three days after BN’s election defeat). On the other hand and in the opposite corner, there’s the born again Christian Guan Eng who has an unending iron grip on the DAP.

Which one is scarier to the Malay voter? Najib or the (recently questioned by MACC three times already) questionable Guan Eng mired up to his double chin in the dubious Penang RM6.34 billion tunnel project.

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In any case, fundamentalist Muslims will leave the judgment of Najib to his reckoning in the hereafter/akhirat. Najib’s punishment by a High Court judge is not going to impact the voter who traditionally ticks the moon logo on his ballot paper.

And between the status quo-political Islam of PAS and the Ubah-political Christianity of DAP are caught the rest of us plus a smaller number of fence sitters.

Yesterday’s guilty verdict and 72-year jail sentence handed on Najib will not budge the partisans on either side.

After all, conservative voters have been bombarded non-stop about Najib’s graft charges over the last half decade — it was Harapan’s No.1 weapon of attack in GE14.

Meanwhile ‘liberal’ voters who have savoured a taste of Najib’s blood are baying for “more” (Zahid’s), “More” (Ku Nan’s), “More!” (Azeez’s), ”MORE!” (Bung’s) … M-O-R-E !! All these potential blood donors are sitting Umno MPs, by the way.

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Rohingya diberi kerja di kilang roti

Najib’s 1MDB imbroglio was a 2018 election issue. It’s now past its sell by date however as a snap election or scheduled election (2023) hot button issue.

The present pressing concerns are bread-and-butter issues like jobs, business losses and the spiraling cost of living.

Moreover Malaysians going to the polls are simply gonna to vote tribally, as we’ve always done. Take our public debate over the Rohingya boat people, for example, which is not an issue that has any intrinsic connection either with Umno/Malays or with DAP/Chinese.

Yet with the Rohingya controversy, Malaysian public opinion is again splitting into two sides where (i) conservatives overlap with the nationalist ideology, and (ii) liberals overlap with the globalist, open borders, pro-immigration philosophy.

The Malay establishment (Defence Ministry, Home Ministry, security enforcement) are trying to seal our borders whereas the Chinese chauvinist Dong Zong are extending their ‘Peace & Love’ even to illegal economic migrants.

Conclusion: Those desiring to welcome more more more “migren-juga-manusia” pendatang such as hashtag #Rohingya can vote the Christian-charity DAP. Those who believe in controlling immigration can vote the Race-Religion parties. Bring on the snap election!

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4 thoughts on “Go for snap poll, Umno!

  1. gardenia is a muslim breed factory, that always choose to hire muslim that is hardworking n pios regardless of race n nationality, that lead an exemplary islamic entrepreneurship. i now buy only gardenia to demonstrate my love of hardworking muslim rohingya.

    btw, y still wanna go for a snap poll when we already hv a malay muslim govt? show some respect to our malay muslim pm n one that pick him la.

    1. Gardenia-Roti Rohingya, yucks. Roti Bengali for me.

      Majority of 111 or 112 is untenable. Frog MPs holding gomen to ransom.

      Dunno if Budget 2021 bill can get passed in Oct. If no majority then, gomen will automaticly collapse ‘cos no budget approved to run the administration.

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