If Shafie can do it, so can Zahid

Trigger a snap poll, I mean.

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So, Shafie’s Sabah government lasted 26 months, 18 days — which is at least a tad longer than his mentor Mahathir’s federal government which lasted 21 months, 14 days.

And after two rounds of Mahathir with the first being 22 years and the second 22 months, the power-crazy DAP had still wanted Dapsters to swallow Round Three (six months only what, we promise) of the racist nonagenarian.

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Umno’s Musa Aman had actually headed the Sabah government for two days immediately following the last general election because it was BN that won the “rakyat’s mandate” in GE14 to govern the state.

The BN Sabah state government was overturned by Harapan on 12 May 2018 through frogs enticed to jump to Pakatan Plus.

Yet now the hypocritical Harapan people have the cheek to try and stake the moral high ground when Shafie’s Warisan administration was established through defections from BN in the first place.

Hypocrisy is synonymous with Harapan!

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The math favours Muafakat, for sure

Hannah tweets above that they will “show Malaysia the way to deal with traitors in Perikatan Nasional”.

Read what I blogged back in January 2012 about Hannah’s hypocrisy in my post titled ‘901 & 916: Anwar tak pandai matematik’.

If Zahid rises to the challenge, the majority of voting-age Malaysians are emphatically with him. We’ll show Malaysia the way to deal with DAP.

Warga yang cintakan tanahair will sweep out the evangelical party from remnants of those state governments where their evangelista Aduns are clinging on with their grubby claws in the state exco.

Snap election will allow patriots to take back Negeri Sembilan and if God wills it, Selangor too. Pray for Malaysia.

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One thought on “If Shafie can do it, so can Zahid

  1. Interesting development in Malaysia’s politics. After DSN conviction, PN seems unsustainable and MN gets firmer. Bersatu under TSMY has 2 options, either join MN or PH block, if he is planning snap GE. Realizing TYMY is not what PH alleged as “puppet” [1], PH now is more keen to welcome him than ever. But, people say water and oil cannot mix, so does Bersatu and DAP because of their opposing philosophy. The wise things for TSMY to take at the moment is to let the justice continues its course for both PN and PH parliament members accused of corruption. Show that he is neutral and ruling the country fairly in both sides of the aisle. Doing so, he will earn increasing trustworthiness. If he can focus the upcoming budget for rakyat, he will earn extraordinary support and more love from rakyat and members of the political parties. Ensure 2021 budget is passed before dissolving the parliament.


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