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Sabah story: Understanding the real context

What a short memory the Pakatuns have, or pretend to have.

Still remember when then-PM Mahathir threw open the door of his then-party to Umno frogs in Sabah not long after GE14?

In December 2018, a total of nine out of ten Sabah Umno Aduns, five out of six Sabah Umno MPs and two Sabah Umno senators ditched their party — betraying the rakyat’s MANDATE — all in a one-day mass exodus to become Harapan-friendly reps.

And it was really a big betrayal as Sabah once had the most registered Umno members in Malaysia, at more than half a million. In fact, Umno Sabah had more members than Umno Johor. Nonetheless, as many as 21 of the 25 Sabah Umno division chiefs defected after the BN’s general election defeat.

Yay, yay, yay! the Harapan zombies had cheered to see the disintegration of Umno Sabah back then. They clapped and cheered the Sabah frogs who saw the light soon after the BN’s ouster in 2018.

“The Dark Side” was an article of faith among those Harapan supporters who were convinced that Najib is Hitler and Umno are Nazis.

Only half a year after BN lost power, Umno lost 17 MPs nationwide — see below.

Earlier in October the same year, pioneering Sabah Umno MP for Labuan YB Rozman Isli had already hopped over to Warisan.

Kudos to Kinabatangan MP Bung Moktar Radin for being the sole Umno MP in Sabah to remain loyal to his party. But following the BN’s loss of Putrajaya, Bung was soon slapped with corruption charges. Musa Aman, the sole remaining Umno Adun in Sabah was also slapped with corruption charges.

It was a reverso situation with the GE14 losers and winners. Shortly after Harapan won the 2018 election, corruption charges against Warisan president Shafie Apdal were quietly dropped.

Harapan never won Sabah fair and square to begin with

Sabah has the nickname ‘Land Below the Wind’ for several reasons. For one, its elected reps are notoriously like lalang, swaying with the direction of the wind.

There is a long history of this in Sabah. The PBS-led state government of Joseph Pairin Kitigan too fell in 1994 after defections.

And don’t forget that on election night of 9 May 2018, it was BN which was in the lead holding 29 seats in Sabah‘s 60-seat state assembly (see below). Warisan had 21 seats, DAP six and PKR two, making their collective total 29 as well.

So the Sabah DUN on election night was a hung assembly at 29-29 but the advantage tilted to BN because its candidates had all contested under one properly registered coalition whereas on the Harapan side, the Pakatan-Plus Aduns were (and still are) only an informal coalition.

The moral outrage being displayed today by Harapan people over the current Musa vs Shafie crisis is just another case of an Art Harun-type switcheroo where Sabah Umno defecting to Harapan is ‘hero’ while Warisan defecting to Perikatan is ‘zero’ — or so think the Dapsters.

And we know what hypocrites Dapsters and more particularly their evangelista leaders are.


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One thought on “Sabah story: Understanding the real context

  1. Interesting development in Malaysia’s politics. After DSN conviction, PN seems unsustainable and MN gets firmer. Bersatu under TSMY has 2 options, either join MN or PH block, if he is planning snap GE. Realizing TYMY is not what PH alleged as “puppet” [1], PH now is more keen to welcome him than ever. But, people say water and oil cannot mix, so does Bersatu and DAP because of their opposing philosophy. The wise things for TSMY to take at the moment is to let the justice continues its course for both PN and PH parliament members accused of corruption. Show that he is neutral and ruling the country fairly in both sides of the aisle. Doing so, he will earn increasing trustworthiness. If he can focus the upcoming budget for rakyat, he will earn extraordinary support and more love from rakyat and members of the political parties. Ensure 2021 budget is passed before dissolving the parliament, though.


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