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Malays gave up country name ‘Tanah Melayu’ in 1963, any regrets?

Tunku Tunku, what did you do?!

Helen Ang

On 5 Aug 1957, the Raja-Raja Melayu signed the perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu with British High Commissioner Sir Donald MacGillivary in King’s House, Kuala Lumpur.

On 15 Aug 1957, the Rang Undang-Undang Perlembagaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu was passed by the Majlis Mesyuarat Undangan. Pictured below is the 1957 constitution.

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Lim Guan Eng who claims “Saya bukan Cina” tweeted five messages in Chinese – see below – to his cult followers in the span of a single day (Aug 24).

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Mahathir’s “hypocrisy is legendary” especially on the Uighur — India news channel

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Kamala is a Dapster alright

Birds of a feather …

I’m-not-Hindu Kamala Devi was clearly the si tau po of the vicious character assassin ring. So typically Dapsterish.

For details, read article ‘Kamala Harris was ringleader in Brett Kavanaugh character assassination attempt’ published yesterday in The Federalist, one of the sanest American media outlets. Continue reading “Kamala is a Dapster alright”


Symbiosis of Christian DAP and Chinese supporters

UPDATE: Lim Kit Siang has just proclaimed; “I was accused of masterminding a Christianisation campaign to turn Malaysia into a Christian state, despite me not being a Christian”.

It is true that LKS himself is not Christian but there is no denying his son and his daughter-in-law are.

And Christians are not sinless despite their copious virtue signaling. Continue reading “Symbiosis of Christian DAP and Chinese supporters”


Buat wayang jer … Remember GE12 when Christian Betty shaved bald in Buddhist temple?

DAP evangelista leaders sanggup buat apa saja, especially their nauseating cosplay put on in masjid and surau.

Two days before the 12th general election, Betty Chew pulled the cheap stunt of shaving her head — for the sympathy-seeking, teary optics (see pix below) splashed in Chinese media, including the MCA-owned ‘Gunting Dalam Lipatan’ newspaper. Continue reading “Buat wayang jer … Remember GE12 when Christian Betty shaved bald in Buddhist temple?”

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Why do the Christians want us to be stuck forever with more and more Rohingya?

I’ve been following closely the development of Rohingya issue and I find it is the Christians who are at the forefront of promoting their illegal stay here.

These critical Christians voices have their sympathetic megaphone in Malaysiakini through which to bash our government’s handling of the PATI issue, ref. the coverage provided to DAP born again Christian Heidy Quah by that anti-establishment news portal.

And it is Malaysiakini bullhorn which amplifies those virtue signalers (who believe themselves to be morally superior) that are constantly condemning Malaysians to the world as “inhumane”, “cruel”, “xenophobic” and “racist”. Continue reading “Why do the Christians want us to be stuck forever with more and more Rohingya?”


DAP Christians support Jawi / pls start implementing nationwide

In the latest development, PAS is appreciative that DAP (at the party federal level) had quickly shut down Pahang DAP’s opposition to having mandatory Jawi signboard for shops in the state.

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim yesterday lauded the requirement by Pahang that signages and street signs all feature the Jawi script.

The Islamist party also called on the rest of the states in Malaysia to implement a similar policy. Their evangelical party counterpart will doubtless throw their support behind this laudable Jawi agenda. Continue reading “DAP Christians support Jawi / pls start implementing nationwide”