DAP Christians support Jawi / pls start implementing nationwide

In the latest development, PAS is appreciative that DAP (at the party federal level) had quickly shut down Pahang DAP’s opposition to having mandatory Jawi signboard for shops in the state.

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim yesterday lauded the requirement by Pahang that signages and street signs all feature the Jawi script.

The Islamist party also called on the rest of the states in Malaysia to implement a similar policy. Their evangelical party counterpart will doubtless throw their support behind this laudable Jawi agenda.

Evangelical party not compatible with secularism 

Like his father Khat Siang, Guan Eng is a Jawi fan. He always (fully) supports its use — see earlier Star story above from January this year.

When DAP was in the 2018-2020 Harapan government, their evangelical party was very conscious “not to spook the Malays”, unlike the antagonistic reaction from MCA on Jawi policy when that Chinese party was in the previous BN gomen.

Don’t forget that DAP represents the voice of an overwhelming majority of the Chinese community. Therefore the DAP’s warm embrace of Jawi is leading the way to Malaysia Baru.

In fact, DAP’s Bangi MP, the idealogical Christian Ong Kian Ming is so pro-Jawi that he slammed his own problematic party colleague YB Chow Yu Hui who recently challenged the Pahang directive for all shops to carry Jawi writing on their business signage — see Malaysiakini report on July 31.

Kian Ming condemned Yu Hui as one of those wannabe “heroes” who are insensitive to the DAP imperative never to spook the Malays.

If more DAP leaders were like real hero Kian Ming and the heroic evangelical Christians who make a mission of spreading ‘Ubah’ (goodwill) in masjid and surauthen more Malays would be willing to give their vote to the party. Or that’s what the DAP’s ‘Don’t Spook’ logic and Kian Ming’s (below) Islamic outreach would have the Chinese electorate believe.

DAP Socialist Youth (Dapsy) national chief Howard Lee – another Christian – tweeted a message in Jawi presumably to show his support for the Islamic policy.

I added the caveat ‘presumably’ as I have no idea what Howard actually said in his tweet below a few days ago written in Jawi, and unfortunately Google translate is of no help.

I don’t know how to read the Jawi script because I’m among the recalcitrant five percent BN Chinese voters. But I’m sure the 95 percent Harapan Chinese voters can understand just fine what Howard is communicating to them in Jawi.

But for business owners who wish to be careful that their Jawi writing is scrupulously correct, e.g. when making a shop signboard informing customers ini kedai jual Daging Salai dan Serunding (pork products), they can of course turn to their DAP service centres to assist with the translation.



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  1. i dun hv problem with jawi, but i dun like it when one say its a must. n i think helen got it wrong wrt the 95%, we r one that dare to spook the malay, many of us give our vote to one party that sound no fear to spook the malay, n we find out we r wrong. that said, the one that dare to oppose the jawi policy is from dap, the party the 5% voted dun even dare to open their mouth, no whisper, no sound, no echo, no splash, nothing.

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