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Why do the Christians want us to be stuck forever with more and more Rohingya?

I’ve been following closely the development of Rohingya issue and I find it is the Christians who are at the forefront of promoting their illegal stay here.

These critical Christians voices have their sympathetic megaphone in Malaysiakini through which to bash our government’s handling of the PATI issue, ref. the coverage provided to DAP born again Christian Heidy Quah by that anti-establishment news portal.

And it is Malaysiakini bullhorn which amplifies those virtue signalers (who believe themselves to be morally superior) that are constantly condemning Malaysians to the world as “inhumane”, “cruel”, “xenophobic” and “racist”.

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Education Minister Mohd Radzi Jidin is correct to say that Rohingya children should be taught in the curriculum of their country of origin or of the third country taking in refugees.

He clarified their status in a reply yesterday in parliament to a written question.

In the same Malaysiakini report today headlined ‘Pelarian Rohingya tak ada hak, tapi kanak-kanak boleh dapat pendidikan alternatif’.

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As part of its backgrounder, Malaysiakini quoted Tenaganita executive director Glorene Das trying to shame the government last January for continuing to deny “a generation of [refugee] children” a place in Malaysian schools. (Note: In the early part of this year, the Education Minister as well as the Home Minister were Harapan’s Pribumi MPs.)

These Christian-led NGOs – Tenaganita was previously headed by the late Irene Fernandez who was sentenced to 12 months’ jail after a magistrate’s court found her guilty for maliciously publishing false news about undocumented immigrants – are not putting Malaysia’s interests first.

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The Rohingya keep telling us that they really want to return ‘home’ to Rakhine. If this is true, then their children should be learning the Burmese syllabus so that the kids can fit back into Myanmar society when they are repatriated.

Or otherwise if the Rohingya anticipate being accepted by a third country – e.g. activist Sharifah Shakirah who three months ago told FMT she “did not have any Malaysian friends” but has been since successfully resettled in the United States – then they should be schooled by the UNHCR in English as they’ll be headed to the USA mostly, followed by Australia, Canada and New Zealand as welcoming recipient countries.

Therefore the stance adopted by our Education Ministry is indeed the more pragmatic one.

The NGOs can’t have it both ways. If their plan is for the Rohingya to return to Rakhine or to proceed onwards to third countries, then there is no point for the foreigners to be taught in Malaysian schools. As comparison, the young Vietnamese boat people who stopped over in Malaysia in the 1970s-80s did not attend our local schools.

on the other hand, if the NGOs are so insistent that Rohingya must be absorbed into Malaysian schools, then Tenaganita should spell out to the Malaysian public that they do not honestly expect the Rohingya ever to be repatriated or eventually resettled in the West.

According to the latest available data from the UNHCR, a mere 2,061 total persons had departed Malaysia for resettlement in the year 2017. The ‘two thousand’ figure cited refers to all refugees (Syrians, Somalians, Afghanis, Iraqis, etc). The resettlement rate is dismal, particularly for Rohingya if they’re not in possession of professional skills.

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The USA under the Trump presidency has reversed its open borders immigration and now slammed its doors shut in times of pandemic.

Meanwhile the Rohingya steadfastly refuse to return to Myanmar despite the (feigned) assurances they fervently mouth to Bangladesh, Malaysia, India and other temporary asylum countries.

The more than 150,000 Rohingya – some of whom paid a small fortune to human traffickers for their ticket here – are going nowhere. They’re staying put in Malaysia. Soon the Rohingya be outperforming the Malays and causing the Melayu B40 to be left further behind.

And you wonder why Tenaganita and other non-Malay NGOs are so keen to indirectly encourage more and more Rohingya to come?


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