Which Malay can ever meet with Christian DAP approval?

☝🏽 Seputeh MP Teresa Kok is unhappy with Saifuddin Abdullah.

The smiling Teresa having her photo taken with Saifuddin and his wife in June last year was evidently before Saifuddin became “a changed man”.

☝🏽Bangi MP Ong Kian Ming is unhappy with Art Harun.

A smiling Kian Ming sharing the podium with the laughing Art in June last year was evidently before a “shocking” new Art emerged whom the DAP disapproves of.

Previously, Multimedia Minister Saifuddin and Dewan Rakyat Speaker Art were the Malay liberals most beloved by these DAP parliamentarians as well as by the Dapsters. Today both men are castigated for merely putting into action the DAP slogan ‘Ubah’.

In the past, Kian Ming was full of praise for Art’s words of wisdom and “brilliant” writing. What changed?!

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One thought on “Which Malay can ever meet with Christian DAP approval?

  1. so whats saifuddin answer? then we know whether he got dap/my approval.

    as for art, its just a delusion like what chinese hv towards dap, i dun see dap politicians is really that diff with art/mca, that said, i still prefer a party/politician that dont endorse thieving, in this perspective, ph is still a much better choice.

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