DAP’s cult following reaching a crescendo

Lim Guan Eng has 575,000 followers on Twitter.

We can see right now the behaviour of his hardcore supporters.

Kit Siang held a press conference just now where he also rehashed his son’s previous one-year imprisonment beginning 25 August 1998.

According to Lim Sr, boboi was locked up in Kajang jail “for defending the dignity and morality of an underaged Malay girl who was raped”. It is quite scary how the DAP people can be so brainwashed as to ‘genuinely’ (?) believe the Lims’ vainglorious narrative.

Dapsters fervently believe too that their own political side are always sparkling angels while being convinced the DAP’s Malay opponents are “kleptocrats” corrupt to the core.

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He was NOT jailed for defending Malay girl’s honour, lah

Guan Eng’s real motive was to attack Malacca Umno politician Rahim Tamby Chik as well as badmouthing the police.

He was then and remains still a drama king adept at playacting to gain public sympathy as well as portraying himself to be the innocent victim of “political persecution” when the law catches up with him.

In 2013, I had blogged the details below about Guan Eng’s 1997 sedition case and am reproducing here some salient points about Guan Eng’s past brush with the law.

Lim Guan Eng was sent to jail because the court found him guilty of promoting hatred. In a High Court decision delivered on 28 April 1997, Guan Eng was found guilty under Section 4(1) (b) of the Sedition Act.

He was also found guilty under Section 8A of the Printing Presses and Publications Act for maliciously publishing false news.

The Court of Appeal found that the pamphlets printed by Guan Eng had “the effect of bringing the administration of justice into hatred and contempt” and that his allegations amounted to “denigrating and undermining the administration of criminal justice” — both offences which are deemed seditious under Malaysian law.

Both Guan Eng’s High Court convictions were upheld by the Appeals Court.

Back in 1997, Guan Eng was adjudged to have incited the public with (a) “the effect of bringing the administration of justice into hatred and contempt” and (b) inciting public reactions amounting to “denigrating and undermining the administration of criminal justice”.

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DAP and its fan base living dangerously in their own world

Deja vu.

In the past 36 hours, we’ve seen DAP supporters once again spitting at the process of justice enforcement. And this time – compared to 1997 – we can personally witness their behaviour firsthand through new tech social media such as Twitter, Facebook, chat rooms and the like.

These Guan Eng fanboys (then and now) seemingly have no self-awareness as to how overboard they appear to the rest of us Malaysians not enamoured with the DAP as they are. After all, Guan Eng is arguably the politician (bar none) most hated by the Malay community.

DAP moreover has made a mortal enemy of almost all the Malay parties — Umno, PAS, Pribumi, GPS, a large faction within PKR and similarly among smaller parties like Berjasa. According to Deputy Youth Minister Wan Ahmad Fayshal, his party’s experience with DAP under the Harapan umbrella (2018-20) was decidedly “painful”.

Yet the evangelical party is in denial and unable to comprehend why everybody (except Christians and Chinese) is shunning them. The present behaviour of pro-Guan Eng Dapsters defending their deeply flawed hero is making the gulf between our two political sides unbridgeable.



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