Buat wayang jer … Remember GE12 when Christian Betty shaved bald in Buddhist temple?

DAP evangelista leaders sanggup buat apa saja, especially their nauseating cosplay put on in masjid and surau.

Two days before the 12th general election, Betty Chew pulled the cheap stunt of shaving her head — for the sympathy-seeking, teary optics (see pix below) splashed in Chinese media, including the MCA-owned ‘Gunting Dalam Lipatan’ newspaper.

Shame on the Penang temple committee for allowing their premises to be exploited by these manipulative evangelistas!

Betty was then quoted in The Star‘s news report on 3 May 2013 as saying, “I decided to shave too as it is for a good cause. You will get something free today but you may have to pay back for something tomorrow”.

Prophetic words indeed, Mrs Lim.

The DAP First Couple got their bad feng shui bungalow on the cheap and now their payback time has come around, is all.

As for Kit Siang’s question “Why equate my daughter-in-law with Rosmah?” tweeted by Astro, see the infographic above.

Kit Siang was full of his usual crap when he tried yesterday to downplay the actual political involvement of his daughter-in-law by disingenuously portraying her as a “loyal wife” supposedly so innocent but victimized by Guan Eng’s enemies.

Hullo, Betty was a three-term Yang Berhormat who represented two separate DUNs in Malacca from 1999 to 2013. She was also party chief for her DAP state women’s wing. Betty is a sneaky bastard politician in her own right and not an ingenue, okay. And a loyar buruk some more.

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6 thoughts on “Buat wayang jer … Remember GE12 when Christian Betty shaved bald in Buddhist temple?

    1. Proposed to be the legal advisor to Penang Developers Asso (or something of that nature).

  1. The Lims are shameless and greedy clan.
    With their high wages as politicians they still beg for legal fund donations. I heard some people say their lawyers work pro bono too. No wonder they ask for ridiculous discount when buying houses and 10% commission on billion ringgit projects.

    1. if the charges is valid, lge is the only stupid chinese that can come up with a bribery deal of 10% future profit.

      1. Helen,

        There is a saying “ devil’s in the detail”.

        I think vast majority of the voters made wrong decisions during PRU because they did not simply understand the whole story.

        Many times I responded to insulting remarks about rm2.6 billion donation to Najib. And I can see how surprise they were when I told them that during court proceeding even the CEO of Ambank admitted the fund Najib received was from Saudi Arabia.

        “ you mean there was a genuine donation to Najib from SaudiKIng”, they asked.

        “ yup. I can understand if you can reject if you only heard from Najib. But this. CEO of Ambank was testifying in Najib’s case in court”

        And many were surprised when I told them Najib returned the fund after the election. I presumed Najib wanted to use the fund as a war chest. When it was clear Anwar can’t dethrone UMn in 2013, Najib returned the fund,

        ON THE CONTRARY, no one in right mind would want to donate to Guan Eng.

        So, Guam Eng is on defensive mode now. He now playing “ I am forever the victim of political,prosecution”.


        He has. A lot to explain.

        Let me help him. Guam Eng can begin by trying to convince the judge why his govt, Penang paid millions on nonexistent feasibility report on imaginary tunnel.

        And why on earth a state govt feels it is not wrong to transfer state land to developer. The developer in no time built expansive condos for foreigners while the tunnel is still not built.

        Try la . Convince the the judge

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