Symbiosis of Christian DAP and Chinese supporters

UPDATE: Lim Kit Siang has just proclaimed; “I was accused of masterminding a Christianisation campaign to turn Malaysia into a Christian state, despite me not being a Christian”.

It is true that LKS himself is not Christian but there is no denying his son and his daughter-in-law are.

And Christians are not sinless despite their copious virtue signaling. Guan Eng is today charged in court with receiving a RM3.3 million bribe relating to the Penang undersea tunnel project.

Yesterday Guan Eng claimed that he was “imprisoned in Kajang in 1998 for defending an underaged Malay rape victim”.

Actually he was jailed for hate-mongering and smearing the police.

“In 2011, my 15 year old son was viciously attacked by Umno Youth leader Papagomo,” Guan Eng continued in his ‘Sebagai seorang suami dan bapa’ press statement.

Guan Eng portrayed that Papagomo had spread “despicable lies”. I recall how that 2011 episode saw the DAP faithful becoming hysterical and unhinged in their defence of the Teflon-coated party leader. The cult of the Lim dynasty was truly taking off.

But it was really the rabid DAP Rottweilers who “viciously attacked” anyone daring to ponder whether there could be any truth to the allegations swirling around the then Penang CM’s teenage son.

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Guan Eng still persisted yesterday in maintaining his son’s innocence by claiming that the “alleged victim” (a Hong Kong girl who was a chess grandmaster) had denied that the alleged molest ever took place. It must be confessed the sneaky bastard DAP cybertroopers handily won that particular 2011 battle of perception.

The following is what I wrote in 2013 about Guan Eng’s public relations victory: “This mistake by the Umno bloggers of publishing a ‘wrong’ photo of the alleged girl served to discredit their story and gave the DAP propaganda machine a field day to ridicule the claim. With the benefit of hindsight, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the far superior DAP black ops hadn’t planted that false flag to entrap the Umno bloggers and kill a potentially damaging story“.

Back in 2011 which is roughly a decade ago, Malaysians (unprepared and unexposed to such dirty politics) as yet could not grasp how ‘superior’ were the duplicitous DAP in manipulating public perception to do damage control.

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Recycling page from old playbook (it worked the last time)

Guan Eng made a pitch for public sympathy yesterday by lamenting “I have felt helpless in failing to protect my children”.

He is being too modest. On the contrary, his party operatives and apparatchiks did a most splendid job of protecting Guan Eng’s teenage son in 2011. As much as I despise the Red Bean Army, I must admit their blitzkrieg was successfully executed. In other words, kali itu jerat DAP mengena.

In DAP’s typically manipulative fashion – a dark art the evangelical party has honed to perfection – Guan Eng declared in his latest salvo, “Now I feel equally helpless in failing to protect my wife”.

Don’t bother to waste any sympathy on his family. Look, in Malaysia we have the rule of law. Najib was recently sentenced to a total of 72 years’ jail while Rosmah is presently in court answering to the charges against her.

Betty Chew is expected to be slapped with money laundering charges tomorrow. Guan Eng should let his lawyer wife defend her case in court – you know, the same judicial system that dared to find Najib guilty.

But what do we see instead? Kit Siang blatantly soliciting political interference (see his tweet above) from the PM and AG to drop the planned charges against his daughter-in-law.

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No harm in asking, right? After all, corruption charges against Kit Siang’s son were quickly withdrawn even as Guan Eng’s Bungalow-gate court case was midway. This happened shortly after Harapan’s takeover of Putrajaya.

Who are Guan Eng’s most ardent fanboys today? Well, there are pockets of Malays and Indians buying into the DAP sob story of political persecution/prosecution. By and large though, the Malays have wised up and are treating the DAP evangelista playacting with the skepticism it deserves.

Needless to say, the Chinese community is resolutely nailing their colours to the DAP mast.

The upshot is Guan Eng (a Christian) and his wife (a Christian) are facing some criminal charges — which is their personal issues, as privileged individuals, to resolve with the best legal representation they can afford.

Yet in the past 72 hours or so, there has been all that sabre-rattling against the establishment (i.e. government agencies like MACC) where the DAP cyber mob are Chinese and Christian whereas the powers-that-be are Malay, e.g. MACC officers, public prosecutors.

Now is time for the ordinary Chinese to pull back and walk away from these shameless evangelista politicians rather than sinking together with them into the DAP morass. But will they?



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