Yes, Guan Eng is a born again Christian

“All these people who are doing this to us, God is watching you. I hope one day, you will get what you have done to us”Betty Chew aka Mrs Lim Guan Eng (12 Aug 2020)

Lim Guan Eng costumes himself in different religious garb to suit his different audiences.

Perhaps this is most effective to maximize the collection when he needs to pass the Milo tin around. The fundraising for Guan Eng to fight his corruption charges has reached almost three million ringgit to date.

BELOW: Guan Eng claims he is NOT Chinese lah

A reader Khairul Amir yesterday sent me a picture of Guan Eng holding huge joss sticks — which admittedly is an uncommon sight among Malaysian Chinese Christians, especially in what looks like a temple setting (see below).

The photo, however, is no indication at all that Guan Eng is a Taoist … as also with his visit to a Hindu temple (see next photo where he is pictured beside Ramasamy). 

Here Guan Eng is wearing holy ash on his forehead. Nonetheless, adopting such a religious ritual is not any indication either that Kit Siang’s born again son has any genuine interest in Hinduism.

The Thaipusam greeting giant billboard below has Guan Eng taking centre stage surrounded by Penang‘s prominent Pakatan leaders of Indian origin.

Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul too has Guan Eng at the forefront of the banner, placed ahead of Penang‘s Muslim leaders.

DAP evangelistas slip in and out of various religious apparel, e.g. tudung, as if the contrived appearances were nothing more than cosplay.

Despite the ease with which DAP evangelista politicians take to their ’religious’ roleplaying, they’re yet strangely reticent when it comes to wearing their ‘cross’ (their real religion) on the sleeve.

This could be due to a wariness and ingrained caution not to spook the Malays. Hence Kit Siang’s repeated public protestations that he is not a Christian.

The DAP top echelon is aware of the Malay fear of Christianization which has no parallel in any fear of ‘Hindu-ization‘ or ‘Buddhist-ization’, since the latter two faiths do not proselytize to Malaysian Muslims.

Among the DAP evangelistas, Bangi MP Ong Kian Ming is such chameleon (lightly using Islamic phrases like “insya Allah”) that he is asked point blank by random strangers whether he is Muslim — refer tweets above.

It is hypocritical of the evangelist party to accuse Islamist party PAS of playing the religious card when DAP’s evangelista politicians refuse to desist from politicking inside the masjid and surau, and temples.

The DAP slogan is ‘Ubah’ at rocket speed. The party’s religious posturing too is as fluid as their political mantra. They’re real sneaky bastards.


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3 thoughts on “Yes, Guan Eng is a born again Christian

  1. Before this AI is well known for being a chameleon. It seems that the DAPigs heartily deep dive into AI’s playbook to gain mileage.
    Must be fun for them, and even funnier for us to watch.

  2. LGE might well have an open mind about religions. I, too, embrace all faiths, slipping in and out of temples, churches, etc. I do it because I embrace spirituality (not organised religions) in its totality.

    However, I suspect LGE is merely playing to the masses. That seems to be DAP’s go-to modus operandi. He doesn’t need the donation. He’s made enough. But he wants to milk the sympathy of the people who are irrational enough to give it to him in dollars and ‘sense’.

    By the way, why hasn’t authorities gone after Tony Pua so far? From what I hear, he’s quite a fish.

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