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Kamala is a Dapster alright

Birds of a feather …

I’m-not-Hindu Kamala Devi was clearly the si tau po of the vicious character assassin ring. So typically Dapsterish.

For details, read article ‘Kamala Harris was ringleader in Brett Kavanaugh character assassination attempt’ published yesterday in The Federalist, one of the sanest American media outlets. Continue reading “Kamala is a Dapster alright”

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Kamala ‘Dapster’ Harris — the American Kasthuri Patto

BELOW: Kasthuri, the Democratic Action Party parliamentarian representing Penang; and Kamala, the Democratic Party senator representing California

I’m not surprised that Kamala Harris – Biden’s VP pick – is the new Dapster darling. Her sort would be.

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