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Kamala is a Dapster alright

Birds of a feather …

I’m-not-Hindu Kamala Devi was clearly the si tau po of the vicious character assassin ring. So typically Dapsterish.

For details, read article ‘Kamala Harris was ringleader in Brett Kavanaugh character assassination attempt’ published yesterday in The Federalist, one of the sanest American media outlets.

The Kamala-ringleader op-ed was penned by Mollie Hemingway – pix above – who is a Federalist senior editor as well as senior journalism fellow at Hillsdale College, one of the sanest American institutions of higher learning.

According to Ms Hemingway, the questions which Kamala Harris spat at Brett Kavanaugh during his senate confirmation hearing “would have been unacceptable and unethical in a courtroom”.

But Ms Harris was indeed a “standout” among the senate committee — “Her performance during the Kavanaugh circus stood out as particularly demagogic, cynical & abysmal,” wrote TownHall political editor Guy Benson.

Nasty, real nasty.


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5 thoughts on “Kamala is a Dapster alright

  1. I dengar Biden thought she was black. Rupa2nya brown. And … It appears that her candidacy will be damaging to Biden’s in as far as championing black lives and redeeming the slavery past. Biden tak buat background check ke? Anyway, i baca pasal Democratic Plantation’s association with slavery. Everyday i learn something new.

  2. You must be joking. Hilldale college is one of most conservative college. They dont alike BAME. Better than what i was called ABC.Chink. in 70s.

      1. Saner?
        On the edge of getting push is more like it ,over and over again wrt to time
        Defender of olds ways ya more like it

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