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Cats’ reaction to Mahathir losing Slim by-election bigly

↓  My cat SIMBA

“According to Uncle Kit, Umno’s win yesterday is ‘a victory for the Malu Apa campaign’ … Err, whatever you say dude.”

↓  My cat SQUEALER

“Guan Eng didn’t turn up to campaign, eh? Boboi must be afraid that in a Malay rural area like Slim, he will not be able to get a pillow and mattress for the night.”


↓  My drawing of a sad cat — sketched donkey years ago

NEW CAPTION: “Don’t worry, be happy. Atok did a good and great thing in cutting off the Hope people at their knees. We can’t thank him enough.”

Note: R.I.P date on tombstone above is digitally altered for today’s blog entry



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