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Umno, Bersatu, DAP triangulation and strangulation

Bersatu’s 11 Aduns in Sabah are able to check and balance Umno’s 14 Aduns.

Cina DAP, on the other hand, are unstoppable within the Chinese community. Nine Chinese candidates from DAP and its partner parties won seats in the Sabah DUN compared to only one Chinese Adun aligned to Perikatan. The 95:5 electoral support ratio does not permit any check and balance. Continue reading “Umno, Bersatu, DAP triangulation and strangulation”


Chinese voters buy into DAP’s all-or-nothing gameplan

Sabah MCA chief Lu Yen Tung lost his deposit in the recent state election, as did his roundly defeated party colleague Chang Kee Ying.

Both the honorary life president of LDP as well as the LDP president, Chong Kah Kiat and Chin Su Phin respectively, forfeited their deposits too. LDP is an established party of some 30 years standing and formerly a part of the BN.

SAPP vice president Gee Tien Siong was yet another casualty to lose his deposit in the Sabah bellwether 2020 election. SAPP is aligned with Perikatan. Continue reading “Chinese voters buy into DAP’s all-or-nothing gameplan”

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Idea of one largest single party (DAP) calling the shots

Dapsters have been arguing that the DAP political side should rule Sabah because Shafie Apdal leads the state’s biggest single party.

In the Sabah 2020 election, Shafie’s party Warisan won 23 seats. With its partners’ – DAP (6), PKR (2), Upko (1) – contribution of nine seats, Warisan-Plus has a total of 32 seats. Continue reading “Idea of one largest single party (DAP) calling the shots”

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Why DAP is betting its future on Borneo: Answer — Christians

Native Christians are the DAP’s blue ocean vote bank, especially with the weakening and fragmentation of local non-Muslim parties.

Sabah and Sarawak both taken together have a total of 2,054,025 Muslims in their collective citizen populations. The two states have altogether 1,770,145 Christians. Continue reading “Why DAP is betting its future on Borneo: Answer — Christians”


Mr P. Gunasegaram, lemme tell you about ‘jampi Kassim Baba buka pintu gua’ … Sinchew style

Focus Malaysia editor-in-chief P. Gunasegaram recently penned an op-ed titled ‘Sizing up Syed Saddiq’.

Dear Mr Guna,

In the Ali Baba Bujang Lapok P. Ramlee comedy – see video clip below – its protagonists have to repeat a special verse (‘password’) to open the entrance of the treasure cave.

In bahasa Jawa, the enigmatic phrase is ‘Eson ngiseng semar ngiseng kabeh wong poto ngiseng’. In Mandarin, it is 我们都是一家人 or its pinyin script “Wo men dou shi yi jia ren“. Continue reading “Mr P. Gunasegaram, lemme tell you about ‘jampi Kassim Baba buka pintu gua’ … Sinchew style”


You will regret going nuclear, Harapan

I have my own skeptical take on this latest development of Harapan trying to reverse engineer the Sheraton Move with its Le Meridien Move but I’m not going to voice my innermost suspicions just yet. (The forever PM-in-waiting held his conference at noon in the Le Meridien Hotel.)

For the moment, I just want to remind the hopeful Cina DAP not to forget how many twists and turns the Sheraton shuffle took. Anwar‘s announcement today – ‘without evidence’ – of his purported new Harapan parliamentary majority holds unexpected twists and turns to come too, and I daresay a nasty shock for Cina DAP at its conclusion. Continue reading “You will regret going nuclear, Harapan”

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Dong Zong should advise Cina komunis on “embracing diversity”

Dong Zong today announced the winners of its ‘Embrace Diversity’ essay writing competition.

Why don’t Dong Zong and Sin Chew advise the motherland to allow its Uighur, Tibetan and Mongol ethnic minorities to preserve their respective linguistic, cultural and religious ‘diversity’ too.

If ‘Diversity’ is really a country’s strength, then the Communist Party (CCP) should be embracing the various languages of its citizens residing in the China autonomous regions of Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia. Continue reading “Dong Zong should advise Cina komunis on “embracing diversity””


It’s okay to be conservative

Even on non-Malaysian issues – such as filling a new vacancy in the Supreme Court of the United States or Scotus following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – we fall predictably into opposing camps (Conservatives vs Liberals) of the polarized public opinion.

Update with Fox New’s Tucker Carlson report — see video. The extremist liberals in the Democratic party teramat jahat. WATCH!!

Continue reading “It’s okay to be conservative”


Bullying and breaking point

Sabah will be holding its state election in a week’s time. Let us wait and see.

In the rest of the country, Harapan heads the government in three states — Negeri Sembilan, Selangor and Penang.

The three tables below from Wikipedia show the opposition Aduns in these states. All the YBs are Malay with a sole exception of MIC’s Manickam Letchuman in Negeri. Continue reading “Bullying and breaking point”


Karma is a sweet little kitty, meow


Oh dear. This post is getting a lot of views. I’m afraid the pet lovers are clicking, thinking my story is about a cute kitten named Karma. The usual English expression is “Karma’s a bitch” but I thought the word ‘bitch’ kinda rude to be put in the headline, so I replaced it euphemistically with something the opposite — “sweet little kitty”.

I apologize to those misled by the title who clicked only to find a political flashback instead.

New headline: He who laughs last laughs best

Continue reading “Karma is a sweet little kitty, meow”

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KD Hang Lekir dan Hang Lekiu menjaga kedaulatan maritim negara

Dalam satu perutusan khas malam ini, Perdana Menteri berkata pengawasan sempadan negara akan dipertingkatkan lagi.

Kawalan keselamatan akan terus ketat untuk menghindar PATI daripada menembusi sempadan kita, kata Muhyiddin dalam ucapannya tadi yang disiarkan secara langsung di televisyen.

Beliau juga mengingatkan rakyat supaya jangan leka terhadap penularan wabak koronavirus, memandangkan masih ada banyak kluster-kluster Covid-19 termasuk yang dibawa masuk oleh orang asing. Continue reading “KD Hang Lekir dan Hang Lekiu menjaga kedaulatan maritim negara”

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Look to China’s example shutting down its own vernacular schools

”Tibetan and Uighur minority language schools have mostly been eliminated since 2017 and replaced by Mandarin Chinese instruction, in tandem with a Beijing crackdown on dissent and mass detention of protesters and opponents,” the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported yesterday.

In its report titled ‘Language rules for Inner Mongolia another step to erode ethnic groups in China’, SCMP quoted a Mongolian dissident as saying Beijing is implementing policies that could result in the “total destruction of language, culture and identity of all ethnic minorities” within China. Continue reading “Look to China’s example shutting down its own vernacular schools”

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Sokong Uighur, # boikot Mulan

Tiongkok kian menindas kaum minoriti Islam Uighur yang sedang ditahan beramai-ramai di kem ‘pemulihan’ di Xinjiang.


Continue reading “Sokong Uighur, # boikot Mulan”

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Tutup jer kelab malam, pub

Satu pandangan yang cukup bertepatan — betul tak, wahai DAP?

Yang Berhormat-Yang Berhormat wakil DAP beserta Cina DAP lain yang alim belaka pasti akan mahu sokong cadangan ini, bukan?

BAWAH: Si pemakai tudung litup hitam (duduk di tengah) ialah MP Segambut Hannah Yeoh manakala Adun Kuala Kubu Bharu DAP Lee Kee Hiong mengambil gambar diri beliau bertudung di DUN Selangor. Paling bawah ialah bekas Menteri Alam Sekitar DAP Yeo Bee Yin.

Continue reading “Tutup jer kelab malam, pub”


Padah Amanah jadi seperti dewan himpunan penyokong DAP

Bukan main kepalang benci Kristian DAP terhadap Ustaz Nik Zawawi.

Mengikut pengerusi DAP Sarawak Chong Chieng Jen dalam kenyataan beliau semalam, hanya anggota-anggota parlimen DAP saja yang bangun mengecam Ketua Dewan Ulama PAS ketika sidang Dewan Rakyat minggu lepas. Continue reading “Padah Amanah jadi seperti dewan himpunan penyokong DAP”