Anwar aligning with the evangelical Christians

Anwar Ibrahim issued a media statement yesterday titled ‘Religious bigotry must not be tolerated’.

In it, he implied that Ketua Dewan Ulama PAS is a religious bigot. “Pasir Puteh MP Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh’s commentary on the Bible is insensitive …” wrote Anwar in his introductory paragraph.

Ustaz Zawawi has been under attack left, right and centre from the Christians (see below), and now Anwar has chosen to align with them.

If our country is divided in two, then Anwar has unequivocally picked his side.

Anwar even sounds like an American Democrat when he paid lip service to politically correct pieties, saying: “We can be a force for healing in our divided nation by reflecting the Prophetic example which sought to build love and compassion among neighbours irrespective of faith …”.

Yup, Anwar is echoing the evangelista chant of Peace ‘n’ Love, Peace ‘n’ Love when in reality, DAP operatives are the most extreme in our social media. They preach one thing and do the complete opposite.

‘Peaceful’ — only in the windmills of media mind

The liberals have their own twisted understanding of ‘peace’ as for example (see below)

  MSNBC’s claim on May 29: “This mostly a protest. It is not, generally speaking, unruly. But fires have been started.”

  the BBC headline on June 7: “27 police officers injured during largely peaceful anti-racism protests in London”

•  the CNN chyron on Aug 27: “Fiery but mostly peaceful protests after police shooting”

BELOW: Reporting from Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MSNBC reporter Ali Velshi told his TV audience that the protest was … err, not really unruly. Quite ironic against a visual backdrop of burning buildings 

BELOW: In London, the protest was “largely peaceful” in the eyes of the BBC … err, never mind those 27 bleeding coppers attacked by the so called “anti-racism” demonstrators

: CNN reporter Omar Jimenez broadcasting live from Kenosha, Wisconsin was captioned by his cable network as covering “mostly peaceful protests” … err, on the assumption that news viewers are blind to the fires blazing behind Omar

Anwar allies with evangelical party against Islamist party

Anwar lists ‘religious bigotry’ as one of the challenges Malaysia faces as a nation on Merdeka 2020. Yesterday he pointed his finger at PAS and specifically the Islamist party’s Ketua Ulama.

Harapan supporters are being treated by Anwar just as how the brainwashed audiences are being treated above by BBC, MSNBC and CNN and The Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post plus the rest of legacy media suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s like people don’t have eyes to see for themselves.

Malaysians have eyes, and ears too as well as possess a brain to think. That’s why with the exception of Anwar and a handful of DAP toadies, the Malays have not sided with the puak munafiq. 

DAP is finding few takers among Malays eager to bash the PAS Dewan Ulama chief, i.e. little criticism – other than from Christian instigators – is being voiced presently against Ustaz Nawawi who stood his ground.

DAP asyik tuduh yang bukan-bukan

On Merdeka eve, Najib called out “puak DAP” and their Merdeka posturing — see his FB entry below which garnered some 16,380 likes.

He also correctly commented that “mereka sanggup tuduh yang bukan-bukan”.

Barely the next day, Kit Siang proceeded to illustrate just exactly what Najib had observed about the DAP’s willingness to exploit (according to their own convenient interpretation of) Rukun Negara while accusing others – such as Ustaz Nawawi – of “desecrating” its noble principles.

In his media statement yesterday, Kit Siang predictably tuduh yang bukan-bukan juga, alleging that Ustaz Nawawi “went on a tirade against Christianity”.

That’s a lie! Ustaz Nawawi did not go on a tirade against Christianity. On the contrary, it is the DAP Christians – Guan Eng, Hannah Yeoh, Ngeh Koo Ham, Kelvin Yii, Julian Tan & Gang who have painted a target on his back.


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