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Ngeh should debate Nik

Ustaz Nik Zawawi Salleh who is Ketua Dewan Ulama PAS spoke today at his party muktamar in Kelantan; the text of his keynote address (in Jawi) delivered at the gathering themed ‘Ulama Perteguh Muafakat’.

Among other things, Ustaz Zawawi in his speech had proposed for syariah to be introduced in government — see article link below.

Ustaz Zawawi also invoked the “social contract” with regard to citizenship obligations expected of the non Muslims here, the Malay media reported.

Relating to PAS’s willingness for “kerjasama dengan golongan bukan Muslim yang bersikap lunak Islam”, the non Muslims in Malaysia are required untuk “tidak melanggar garis sempadan hukum syarie”, he said.

The PAS ulama chief’s newly revealed guidelines on marhalah tamkin will surely not sit well with his main adversary in the Dewan Rakyat, i.e. DAP’s evangelical Beruas MP Ngeh Koo Ham.

BELOW: Ngeh and his cousin Nga pictured with the late Nik Aziz during a friendlier era between their respective parties 

Ngeh holds the stand that “we cannot support a theocratic state“, defining a theocratic state as one which “purportedly wishes to see God’s rule through [Man] on earth”.

According to Ngeh in a past interview he gave for the Konrad Adenauer MP Watch project, “any decision even in the name of God must and should always be subjected to human scrutiny”.

It can be seen that not only are Ngeh and Nik Zawawi clashing in parliament, their political ideologies are in a head-on collision too.

The PAS religious leader has invited his critics to discuss their differences. The DAP religious leader (Ngeh is a Christian lay preacher) should take up the invitation from the Islamist party for a public dialogue.


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