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“Diversity is our strength”… Really? I don’t think so

Malaysian Chinese are really, truly over the top in promoting their idea of “multiculturalism” and “pluralism”.

See below Sin Chew’s pitch a couple of days ago that ‘Our diversity is our strength: a reflection on Rukun Negara’.

Today, Malaysiakini carried an interview with National Unity Minister Halimah Sadique headlined ‘Let’s revive spirit of appreciation of Rukun Negara’.

Screencaptured are half a dozen reflections by Malaysiakini subscribers. These comments were posted to the portal’s readers feedback section within a half hour of the article being uploaded. There are plenty more comments in the same vein but I’m only highlighting six — all taken from the first half hour (cut-off time 10.26am).

In summary, here’s what some representative Malaysians think and feel about their fellow citizens. Note the keywords underlined in red which are reproduced verbatim below within quotation marks.


 PAS people are “religious bigots”; Bersatu people are “race bigots

  Umno minister Halimah is “a snake from a racist party”

  Backdoor cabinet ministers believe “non-Malays are 2nd class or even 3rd class citizens”

•  The Prime Minister declares himself “a Malay first”. To create Malaysia Baru, our country needs to “dismantle all single-race parties starting with Umno”

  Shameless “master race politicians like you [Halimah] disgust decent Malaysians”

  The “backdoor governmentdisplays “true racist tendencies“; “the heckling gang of Umno monkeys” are “low IQ, highly corrupt and racist MPs”

Some of these commenters even use lofty monikers like ‘Fair Malaysian’ but it appears they are most uncomfortable with having a DIVERSITY of parties and political thought to be in parliament. Perhaps they’d be happier if our 222 MPs were less diverse and more homogeneously from DAP.

It’s a hard sell to persuade the rest of us that the mantra “Our diversity is our strength” goes beyond mindless sloganeering.

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One thought on ““Diversity is our strength”… Really? I don’t think so

  1. if i appreciate diversity, emotionally i would reject racist n racism like those that want a sole malay govt, however i am not sure diversity also mean we should embrace n tolerance racist, chauvinist, zionist, nazis, communist, anarchist, pencuri, perombak, penyamun, peculik etc.

    i believe all minority treasure diversity, among the majority, it seem malay malaysian are relatively more tolerance, let say compare with han chinese, that said, i am not sure it is due to characteristic, or the isolation n tolarance hv much to do with our consti a160, i believe it is more on the latter.

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