Bullying and breaking point

Sabah will be holding its state election in a week’s time. Let us wait and see.

In the rest of the country, Harapan heads the government in three states — Negeri Sembilan, Selangor and Penang.

The three tables below from Wikipedia show the opposition Aduns in these states. All the YBs are Malay with a sole exception of MIC’s Manickam Letchuman in Negeri.

Negeri has 15 Umno (+ 1 MIC) Aduns on the opposition bench.

Selangor has 14 Muafakat Aduns comprising reps from Umno, PAS and the PM’s party (all ex-PKR) in the opposition.

Penang has 7 Muafakat Aduns in the opposition.

This mono-racial opposition in the Harapan-controlled state legislative assemblies shows how racially divided politics is in Malaysia. Meanwhile in parliament, Muhyiddin has 113 MPs aligned to his administration, of which only three MPs are Chinese.

Mahathir’s most avid 2018 fan base 

When Dr Kua Kia Soong voiced his reservations in January 2018 about Mahathir being recast by Harapan as a “born-again democrat”, it was four months to GE14.

By that time, the DAP had already decided that their best chance to capture Putrajaya was with Mahathir leading the Harapan election charge — see Kit Siang’s retweet above. So DAP mobilized its cadres to line up behind the party decision.

Dr Kua’s counter narrative – something rare coming from a Chinese – triggered a vicious dogpile on him by the Dapster mob.

These ever HOPEful zombie followers had successfully hypnotized themselves into believing that Mahathir was a changed man who has seen the light and truly wanted to atone for his past political sins. Kua called these new zealous converts the “crypto-Mahathiristas”.

DAP Rottweilers bark and bite like rabid dogs  

The resultant smear campaign against Kua was vicious. He was demeaned by Dapsters to the extent of being likened to “dung”.

But Kua knows well how DAP plays the game. In a  separate op-ed a few years earlier on 12 Aug 2015, he once wrote:

“What Malaysians saw during the 2014 Selangor Menteri Besar controversy was the contempt shown toward the PAS president not only in not being consulted from the start about the former MB’s [Khalid Ibrahim] alleged misconduct and the consequent ‘Kajang Move’ but also in being set upon by DAP’s Rottweilers.”

In the paragraph above, Kua was describing how the mercurial DAP sicced its “Rottweilers” on critics and anyone deemed an opponent of the evangelical party.

These critics and political opponents are treated with ”contempt” by the DAP leadership and spat at with venom by party supporters.

The thing is Khalid Ibrahim was earlier a ‘hero’ to the Pakatan crowd and suddenly plummeted to ‘zero’ at the snap of DAP fingers.

PAS was earlier also a tahaluf siyasi friend to its Pakatan ally DAP who reassured non Muslims that the Islamist party merely wanted to implement a “welfare state” and some DAP leaders even persuaded the Chinese to support hudud. Then at a flick of the DAP’s wrist, PAS was regarded a mortal enemy by the Chinese.

Parti Pribumi Bersatu was another friend of whom DAP told its non-Malay base was nonetheless still compatible with their Malaysia Baru racial equality mantra. This despite the fact that in the mono-ethnic Pribumi, full party membership was not available to the non Malays. Then a few months ago, Pribumi (now led by Muhyiddin) is being regarded a mortal enemy too alongside PAS and Umno and Azmin’s PKR cohort.

More recently, a pair of PAS ustaz and ustazah have been at the receiving end of the DAP’s ire.

In March this year, Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff – a deputy minister from PAS – was bullied off the Twitter platform after her DAP predecessor in the previous Harapan cabinet threw some serious shade at her (see The Mole article ‘Hannah Yeoh causes a stir over appointment of successor from PAS’).

And just last month, another PAS leader Nik Zawawi Nik Salleh similarly became the target of DAP vitriol.

BELOW: Police reports by the DAP notwithstanding, the Malays stand in solidarity with Ustaz Zawawi

Although the evangelical party and its followers are hopelessly addicted to a sense of faux victimhood, the rest of the country who are non Chinese see the DAP and its red guards as unmitigated bullies.

Post-Sheraton Move, our sociopolitical climate has been irreversibly altered. The big umbrella ruling party is almost all Bumiputera at federal level. The opposition in the three Harapan-held states are exclusively Malay, excepting one MIC Adun as mentioned at the start of this post.

Yet in this dangerously polarized environment, the DAP shows no sign that they will train their Rottweilers to behave. In any case, we can’t really blame the dogs that are only obeying the whistle commands of their master.


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