It’s okay to be conservative

Even on non-Malaysian issues – such as filling a new vacancy in the Supreme Court of the United States or Scotus following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – we fall predictably into opposing camps (Conservatives vs Liberals) of the polarized public opinion.

Update with Fox New’s Tucker Carlson report — see video. The extremist liberals in the Democratic party teramat jahat. WATCH!!

In Malaysia, the fans of Ginsburg are also fans of Kamala Harris and Barack Obama. They have liberal views; Kamala for example is dubbed “the most radically pro-abortion candidate to run for president or vice president in the history of [the USA]”.

Meanwhile the majority of Malaysians are conservative. Some will not even spay their cats while many won’t complain if nightclubs and pubs do not reopen post-RMCO, and do not mind either if gambling were to be banned.

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Don’t let them demonize conservatives as religious far right 

I, for one, am happy that President Trump will appoint a conservative judge to replace Ginsburg who is the most hard left member of the Scotus liberal wing.

Ginsburg’s notorious lack of impartiality with regard to Trump is well known. The octogenarian revealed her bias when in July of 2016 (a few months before the American presidential election) in an interview with The Associated Press, she mocked presumptive Republican nominee Trump as being “unfit” for the Oval Office.

In a subsequent interview with The New York Times a few days later, the Jewish Ginsburg declared that if Trump won the 2016 election, she would move to New Zealand. She even took her further criticisms of Trump to CNN the same week.

Well, Trump clinched the presidency in the November of that year. Ginsburg, however, failed to keep her word to migrate to NZ.

And how unbecoming of a Scotus justice to display her total lack of objectivity in hawking her extreme political partisanship in the most deranged pro-Democrat media, i.e. CNN and NYT — both despicable fake news outlets.

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So diverse that we have no common ground left

We in Malaysia are divided tribally along the lines of:

  Malays vs Non Malays

  Muslims vs Christians

  Bahasa Melayu speakers vs Mandarin speakers

  Establishment party supporters vs Harapan supporters

  Nativists vs Globalists (or Anti immigration vs Pro open borders)

  Conservatives vs Liberals

  Territorial integrity vs Nine Dash Line

Yet there are Malaysians who aggressively preach that diversity is our strength.

We are indeed a population that is ‘diverse’ in our very fundamentals. Oh, but what do we have in common if anything? A love of Nasi Lemak, you say? Yeah nice.


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