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Is DAP really pro Islam? What do you think?

DAP feels free to criticize Israel and Myanmar – but not China – over the three countries’ treatment of their respective Muslim minorities. We’ve seen the party’s evangelistas cry (crocodile tears?) for the Palestinians and Rohingya … but not for the Uighur. Why not?

Beijing had retaliated strongly in July against American senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio for drafting a bill to sanction China for using the Uighurs as forced labour.

Called the ‘Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act’, this bill is now making its way through Congress.

Nikki Haley, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, employed even stronger language when she described the Uighurs in Xinjiang as China’s “slave labour” (see her tweet below).

Choosing to remain in China’s good graces 

A month earlier on June 17, President Trump signed into law another separate legislation regarding the Uighurs called the ‘Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020’.

This Act was passed by the American Senate with a unanimous vote. Meanwhile in the House of Representatives, it received overwhelming biparisan support of 413 ‘Yea‘s vs only one ‘Nay’.

Thomas Massie, the sole Congressman to vote ‘No’ on protecting Uighur human rights, was lauded by China foreign ministry official Zhao Lijian (tweet below) who praised the Kentucky lawmaker as “The only sane person in US Congress”.

If our Dewan Rakyat were to debate a similarly worded bill, I wonder how the DAP parliamentarians would vote. Thus far, there has been church-mice silence from the lot of them on the Uighurs although their evangelistas have been paying lip service to the plight of Palestinians and Rohingya.

Bangkai gajah tidak dapat ditutup dengan nyiru

Yesterday I linked three most recent news items on Xinjiang —

(1) a China government White Paper revealing the vast scale of its Uighur internment camps,

(2) hope by activists for a genocide ruling from a UK-based tribunal convened on the Uighurs, and

(3) how sympathetic Han schoolteachers exposed the China Communist Party (CCP) strategy targeting the next generation in order to erode Uighur language, culture and identity. Refer my blog post HERE.

The truth deserves to be told 

Uighur detainees are being tortured and brainwashed in these widespread ‘reeducation’ camps across Xinjiang, said Rais Hussin in an op-ed published today in the Malay Mail.

(Helen’s note: Such brainwashing tactic is nothing alien — just look at the Dapster zombies.)  

Rais, who is CEO of Emir Research think-tank, is aghast at the CCP’s “draconian policy on Uighur Muslims”. He also advised Beijing: “Don’t bully minorities or even try to colonize anyone especially in the South-east Asia …”.

There are 57 countries which are member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Rais reminded the Chinese authorities, and their “huge 2.2 billion Muslims” would soon “rise and demand answers from China”.

DAP’s intense fetish for tudung and mosque

In the above photo, the gender-segregated room is packed with Malay muslimin-muslimat as well as some Cina DAP wearing tudung. They were attending a mosque-related event and listening to Hannah Yeoh giving a talk. DAP cosplayers are excellent in putting up a pious front.

Many DAP politicians are eager to condemn Israel because “the Tel Aviv regime” is extremely unpopular, and hence echoing Malaysian criticism of the Zionists will earn the evangelical party a few brownie points among the Malay electorate which they’re so desperately trying to court.

The DAP publicity seekers are also prepared to condemn Myanmar because the country is poor and deemed an international ‘pariah’ by woke white progressives. Moreover unlike China, Myanmar doesn’t offer attractive opportunities for our local businessmen.

Muslim ethnic minorities in Palestine, Myanmar and China are all being persecuted by the state but the ones in Xinjiang are greeted here with buat tak tahu.

DAP often wears a Muslim-friendly mask just like their evangelical YBs parade around in their technicolour tudungs. Yet despite the assiduous efforts taken, the party’s sincerity on Islam is still much doubted by the Malays.

So what support do you think Rais Hussin will be able to garner among DAP leaders and their human-right defenders to step forward when required to speak up against Beijing?


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