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Al Jazeera’s new 10-minute documentary / 10-point backgrounder on Uighurs

The AJ+ channel has uploaded to the Al Jazeera Facebook a new short video titled ‘China’s Imprisoned One Million Uighur Muslims’. This is the link —

To recap latest developments on the Uighur issue:

(1) For the first time ever, the oft-quoted figure of “one million plus” Uighur detainees – number counted as accumulated total over the period of a few years – appears to be indirectly corroborated by a White Paper released recently by the Chinese State Council (China’s cabinet).  

China calls its camps in Xinjiang “vocational training centres” to re-educate the Uighurs. The United Nations, however, views them as ‘internment camps’ as well as “political camps for indoctrination”. 

(2) A Uighur Tribunal was launched on Sept 3 this month to assess evidence of the alleged atrocities perpetrated against Uighurs.

Earlier, lawyers for the East Turkistan Government in Exile (ETGE) and the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement (ETNAM) requested the International Criminal Court to open an investigation against senior Chinese communist leaders for “genocide and crimes against humanity“. 

(3 The United States is preparing to sanction China on what its former ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley called “slave labour” in Xinjiang. On the other hand, Beijing merely considers the Uighurs a workforce provided with gainful employment by the government to help improve their livelihood. 

(4) China is rated by 71 percent Republicans and 68 percent Democrats as posing a serious threat to human rights. This is according to an online survey of American public opinion commissioned by The Washington Post that was conducted last month. 

(5) The UK government in July this year accused China of “gross human rights abuses” against its Uighur population. British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab noted that reports of Uighur women being sterilized against their will were particularly concerning. 

BELOW: The Obama administration was aware of China’s use of forced sterilization to carry out previous one-child policy enforced on its own Han Chinese women

(6 Also in July, President Trump signed into law the ‘Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020’ which received almost unanimous biparisan support from both chambers of Congress. The newly passed legislation requires American intel to monitor “the scope and scale of the detention and forced labor of Muslim minority groups in China”. 

(7) A year ago on 8 July 2019, the ambassadors of 22 countries – which included Australia, Canada, Japan, the UK and many others from the EU – signed a letter addressed to the UN Human Rights Council calling on China to respect the Uighurs’ freedom of religion as well as rebuking Beijing for its widespread surveillance, arbitrary detention and disappearing of Xinjiang‘s Muslims.

(8) Since 2017, schools where the Uighur language once served as the medium of instruction have mostly been eliminated and replaced by teaching done in Mandarin. Abolishing Uighur, Tibetan and Mongolian vernacular schools is part of Beijing’s policy to assimilate China’s ethnic minorities into the Han polity. 

(9) The op-ed penned yesterday by Rais Hussin was aggregated by Google as its Top Story for the search word ‘Uighur’ within the last 24 hours. Rais’ appeal on behalf his fellow Muslims in Xinjiang was also published as a letter-to-the-editor in Malaysiakini and predictably greeted with expected scorn by subscribers of the portal. 

(10) My blog post yesterday asked: ‘Is DAP really pro Islam? What do you think?’ 

Well, I personally think the DAP is a bloody hypocrite. The party‘s hardcore are most rabidly pro China, which should surprise nobody. 


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