Mr P. Gunasegaram, lemme tell you about ‘jampi Kassim Baba buka pintu gua’ … Sinchew style

Focus Malaysia editor-in-chief P. Gunasegaram recently penned an op-ed titled ‘Sizing up Syed Saddiq’.

Dear Mr Guna,

In the Ali Baba Bujang Lapok P. Ramlee comedy – see video clip below – its protagonists have to repeat a special verse (‘password’) to open the entrance of the treasure cave.

In bahasa Jawa, the enigmatic phrase is ‘Eson ngiseng semar ngiseng kabeh wong poto ngiseng’. In Mandarin, it is 我们都是一家人 or its pinyin script “Wo men dou shi yi jia ren“.

Mr Guna,

You believe that the (DAP) desperados crowd are being corralled to hail Saddiq as “Malaysia’s potential saviour”.

Since they be lemmings as you‘re already aware, it is not at all difficult to persuade these Dapsters (= lemmings in Malaysiakini who responded to your Saddiq column), to select themselves out of the gene pool.

It’s really easy to play Pied Piper of Hamelin to the Dapsters. Just sing them a Bangsa Malaysia tune that is music to their ears, like – as per the Saddiq line you quoted – “[I’m here] to unite all Malaysians”.

To open the door to a golden cache of Chinese votes, Syed Saddiq has learned – like Anwar before him (see video above) – to recite the Mandarin diversity chant which goes “Wo men dou shi yi jia ren”. 

In fact, Saddiq found the ‘awokening’ chant so efficacious that he repeated it three times today @ Sin Chew online, English version. Please check it out, Mr Guna, at the link below. It’s a laugh — just like the P. Ramlee magic cave scene.

Postscript: Do also look into the bahasa Jawa easter egg … nudge wink.


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