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DAP take their ugly politics to Sabah

At the Bitter Gourd Frog Rice Fiesta on Wednesday night, Teresa Kok explored how frog could be made a special dish and into kuih or biscuits to be served to Sabah tourists.

Below are non-Malay politicians at the fiesta busy barbecuing edible frog on skewers. (I’m guessing frogs are not halal for Muslims.)

Teo Nie Ching posted the Harapan-plus slogan “Katak kita jadikan pusas” in her Facebook last week — see screen capture below.

There is however a more ominous version of the slogan on other billboards which says “Katak kita jadikan arwah” — also pictured below.

The Dapsters seem to have forgotten that it was Umno incumbent Musa Aman who formed the Sabah government on polling night 9 May 2018. Musa’s state government unfortunately lasted a mere two days and toppling on May 12 due to the first-round frogs enticed by the Mahathir camp to jump to Pakatan Plus.

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What hypocrites the DAP are to be now screaming blue murder when the Sabah frogs did their subsequent second and third hops that caused the Warisan administration to collapse.

And it is not at all nice to make a death wish on frogging politicians but then this is not something new to the DAP.

In early 2009, the party’s Jelapang Adun YB Hee Yit Foong had to go into hiding after all the serious death threats made against her. Hee’s defection to become a “BN-friendly independent” precipitated the collapse of the then DAP-controlled state government in Perak shortly after.

As the Malaysiakini headline below says, the DAP election campaign billboards are screaming ‘Death to Frogs’. The one pictured below is of DAP candidate Calvin Chong Ket Kiun who is contesting the Elopura seat.

The billboard on the left shows a dead frog — its body stabbed by darts. Such low-level violent imagery is reflective of the DAP tactics of incitement and intimidation.

Fanning the flames of hatred is not the only concept carried to Sabah across the South China Sea by the DAP.

Messaging by the Harapan-Plus presumptive chief minister is an echo of the DAP’s ‘Hope & Change’ snake oil — see the Obama-esque colours plus signature one-word (‘Unity’) slogan on Shafie Apdal‘s poster below.

Note: Obama’s one-word slogans were separately “HOPE’ and ‘CHANGE’ rendered in capital letters (likewise Shafie’s UNITY).

Hannah Yeoh and Kit Siang are typical of the DAP’s sinister smoke-and-mirrors approach.

Bung Moktar Raden – refer tweet and retweet above – had objected to Shafie’s adoption of the clarion call “In God we trust” because according to the Umno Sabah chairman, the phrase is one widely used by Christian politicians in the Philippines.

Why do we want to copy the Filipinos, Bung Moktar asked.

Putting up his own strawman argument, Kit Siang telegraphed that Bung’s objection to Shafie’s xeroxed slogan was disrespecting the first tenet of our Rukun Negara, i.e. Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan.

Kit Siang said in his press statement: “Are Sabahans to expect a godless and very disunited Sabah and Malaysia if Bung Mohtar ever becomes the Sabah Chief Minister on Sept 26?”

His party organ The Rocket even went to the extent of blaring a fitnah headline – see above – that further claimed ‘Does Bung not believe in God?’

This is the kind of dirty, destructive politics that DAP has imported into Sabah. Malaysians must pray for Sabahans to be kept safe from sneaky bastards like the twit below.


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