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Why DAP is betting its future on Borneo: Answer — Christians

Native Christians are the DAP’s blue ocean vote bank, especially with the weakening and fragmentation of local non-Muslim parties.

Sabah and Sarawak both taken together have a total of 2,054,025 Muslims in their collective citizen populations. The two states have altogether 1,770,145 Christians.

Both sets of figures are from the last census and do not include residents who are non citizens. Illegal immigrants are an important election issue with the local Christian KDM (Kadazan, Dusun, Murut) community because a very large proportion of PATI residing in Sabah are Muslim.

There is merely a small gap between the number of Muslims and Christians in these two East Malaysia states. The biggest asset for DAP is the fact that the Christians in Borneo are native peoples.

The indigenous status of Sabah and Sarawak Christians will give a cover of legitimacy to the DAP’s long-term plan to grab power through riding on the back of these pribumi Christian populations.

That’s why you see the DAP so keen on elevating Sabah and Sarawak to a parity with Semenanjung on their amended basis of Malaysia being comprised of three regions (Sabah, Sarawak , Semenanjung) rather than 14 states.

What next after the Sabah result?

If Warisan-Plus wins the state election today, DAP will prop up Shafie Apdal as their PM choice. The ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ propaganda by DAP apparatchiks featuring Kadazans and Ibans will immediately become turbo charged.

The evangelical party knows that Muafakat will prevail in the peninsula, so their general election strategy will require Sabah and Sarawak to be turned over and a Bornean Bumiputera figurehead – in the mould of former Perak MB Nizar (pix above) – put at the top of the Harapan ticket.

BELOW: Already Shafie is draped in the ‘Hope & Change’ – originally created by Obama’s campaign – concept design and colours

Expect too for DAP to junk the hapless Harapan chairman quicker than you can say “Wo men dou shi yi jia ren”. 

Anwar’s Le Meridien Move is a poorly thought out gambit and set to fail. I rather suspect the poor man has been gamed and concur with one of the hypotheses being floated by pundits that Umno is behind a ploy to trigger a snap election.

If Perikatan wins the election in Sabah, Bersatu will try to install Hajiji as CM as against Umno’s backing of Bung Moktar. The jostling between the two Malay parties will intensify. If Bung is sidelined, the Umno grassroots will be more upset and their dissatisfaction on the ground difficult to contain, apart from spreading over to the semenanjung side.

Remember that Sabah has the most members in Umno, even more than the party birthplace, Johor.

So many Chinese Christians in Sabah, S’wak

DAP’s rapid growth in influence is even more worrying when evidenced in Sabah and Sarawak. For not only has the evangelical party brought its politics of resentment and grievance into Borneo but its brand of political Christianity too.

In GE14, DAP successfully annihilated the BN’s Chinese-based parties in Borneo; the same destruction that it wreaked on MCA and Gerakan in the peninsula. An estimated 93 percent of Sabah Chinese voted for DAP and its Harapan allies the last general election.

Although the majority of Sabah Chinese are not Christian, nonetheless, the Chinese Christians there are plentiful at fairly close to 100k — see data column below highlighted in pink.

Click to enlarge


More recent figures are unavailable but we know that in year 2010 (see table above by the Department of Statistics), Sabah had 1.34 million Muslim Malaysians in its entire population compared with 730k Christian Malaysians.

Note: While there is a new decennial (year 2020) census being conducted presently, its data collection won’t be made known to the public until one or two years down the road.

The previous census figures (highlighted in brown, above) give Sabah a total of 1.11 million Muslim bumiputera and 625k Christian bumiputera. Non-citizen residents of Sabah who are Muslim numbered three-quarters of a million people.

Malays made up 184,200 (number rounded) persons in Sabah while other Muslim Bumiputera in Sabah are roughly more than half a million — this huge number likely a legacy of Mahathir’s Projek IC.

About 95 percent of the Bajau are Muslim whereas some 75 percent of the Kadazan-Dusun are Christian. Meanwhile around 80 percent of the Murut are also Christian.

The Sabah demography maps prepared by Malaysiakini show (1) Muslim pribumi – see green areas above – mostly living on the coast while (2) indigenous Christians – see blue areas below – are mostly living in the interior.

Chinese live predominantly in urban areas around Kota Kinabalu city and the towns of Sandakan and Tawau.


Because Sarawak did not suffer the population interference of anything resembling Mahathir’s Projek IC, Christians there have managed to remain the religious ‘plurality’, i.e. a relative majority but nonetheless under 50 percent.

Sarawak is the only state in our country where Christians outnumber Muslims — see Department of Statistics table below. But of more serious consequence is how Christian Bumiputera far outstrip the non-Malay Muslim Bumiputera.

Malays-equal-Muslim total more than half a million people in Sarawak. However, the Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau and other indigenous Bumiputera who are Muslim only total 134,000 (figure rounded).

Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau and other indigenous natives who are Christian on the other hand total altogether some 824,000 (figure rounded). Added to this is Sarawak’s 210,000-strong Chinese Christian community.

Click to enlarge

Christian activism in Sarawak now being spearheaded by its DAP ringleaders is a very concerning development.

You can see an example of this phenomenon in the recent uproar against Ustaz Nik Zawawi. Aside from police reports lodged against the PAS Ketua Dewan Ulama by Sarawak DAP leaders, loud protests were also voiced by Sarawak church elders and Christian NGOs.

A call two years ago by Islamist Maszlee Malik, the then Education Minister, for Malay teachers from semenanjung untuk terus mengajar di Sabah dan Sarawak sebagai medan dakwah had greatly alarmed the Bornean church.

Likewise, the incursion by peninsula’s Christian missionaries alarmed the Sarawak authorities so much so that DAP evangelists Hannah Yeoh and Ngeh Koo Ham were barred from entering the state in 2016, which was the year of the last Sarawak election.

When the Islamists meet the Evangelists (see below) on the Borneo battlefront, a new kind of savage political war is upon us.





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  1. Selamat Sejahtera buat Cik Helen Ang

    Saya selaku seorang anak Melayu yang pernah menumpang rezeki bekerja dengan majikan berbangsa Tiong Hua beragama Kristian, sebuah firma yang agak besar dan berjaya di Kuala Lumpur boleh bersetuju dengan perkara2 yang dikongsikan Cik Helen

    Tidak dinafikan bangsa Tiong Hua amat berjaya dari segi ekonomi di Malaysia. Duit bukan masalah bagi mereka sebagai penjana ekonomi negara Malaysia ini. Mereka ini juga rata-rata menyokong kuat DAP dan aktif “menyumbang” kepada DAP, begitu juga dengan agenda Kristianiti di Malaysia. Ini pun cerita yang saya dapat dari senior saya di firma tersebut.

    Tiada salahnya kalau mereka juga aktif dalam menyebarkan agama Kristian asalkan tidak kepada mereka yang beragama Islam.

    Saya juga dahulu tidak percaya mengenai agenda Kristian yang dibawa oleh DAP dan sering memperkecilkan apa yang didedahkan pihak2 yang cuba menyedarkan kita semua tentang realiti sebenar politik DAP.

    Tetapi apabila telah memasuki bidang pekerjaan, seolah olah Allah telah mendedahkan banyak benda kepada saya dan orang yang saya ingatkan cuba menipu dusta sebenarnya cuba menyebarkan perkara yang benar.

    Pada PRU yang lalu ada komen2 di facebook dari Sabahan atau Sarawakian yang beragama Kristian yang telah berkongsi bahawa ada pihak2 gereja yang mula bercerita mengenai politik di dalam gereja dan mereka telah meluahkan kekecewaan mereka kerana mereka beranggap bahawa gereja bukan tempat berpolitik.

  2. More voting for the blues had there been higher voters turnout. TSMY – It’s still not a good moment for snap election, although the positive sign is there. Take your time to helm the country. Congratulation.

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