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MCA sudah boleh gulung tikar

Chinese support for DAP remains rock solid.

No amount of postmortem by MCA can help the party resuscitate a lifeless corpse. The angry Chinese mood against BN is implacable.

MCA should allow the Chinese to deservingly get the government they voted for. Because elections have consequences.

Voter turnout in Sabah yesterday at 66.6% was lower compared to the previous turnout of 77.5% in the last general election. Despite our current coronavirus scare, DAP – amazingly – still performed almost at par with its last outing in 2018.

DAP contested seven seats in the Sabah 2020 election. Five of its Chinese and one (Jannie Lasimbang) of its indigenous candidates won their seats while the seventh DAP candidate (Peter Saili) lost in a seat (Bingkor) where the electorate is majority non-Muslim Bumiputera.

The evangelical party successfully defended all the seats where it was the incumbent.

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Three DAP Sabah election results

Below are the results in three seats involving DAP in a Chinese vs Chinese tussle. All the seats have an electorate which is between two-thirds and three-quarters Chinese.

DAP beat MCA in Likas, beat SAPP’s Chinese candidate in Luyang and beat STAR’s Chinese candidate in Sri Tanjong. Both SAPP and STAR are parties aligned to Perikatan.

Juxtaposing DAP’s Sabah performance yesterday to 2018

DAP obtained a huge number of votes in this snap election comparable to its earlier Chinese dominance of GE14. Its large majorities not only remained consistent but testify to how far DAP outstrips its competitors in terms of Chinese support.

In fact, DAP managed to increase both its vote tally and its majority yesterday in Luyang.


Electorate: 76% Chinese voters; 3% Muslim Bumiputera voters

  • 2018: 14,237 votes (12,408 majority)
  • 2020: 15,510 (14,521)


74% Chinese; 4% Muslim Bumiputera

  • 2018: 9,163 (7,902)
  • 2020: 8,173 (7,517)


64% Chinese; 20% Muslim Bumiputera

  • 2018: 13,673 (9,383)
  • 2020: 11,150 (8,880)

Statistics don’t lie.

“No sign of Chinese votes returning to BN” at all. Yup, it’s confirmed …


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One thought on “MCA sudah boleh gulung tikar

  1. The 95% Chinese need to be taught a lesson. They really should be made to reap what they sow. The MCA should leave the cabinet and declare that as the Chinese don’t want to support them, then they should have no representation at all within the government. The government should be entirely Malay and as it was only
    Malays that voted for BN / PN it should only concentrate on Malay interest. Vernacular schools should be abolished with immediate effect and Islamic law fully implemented at the federal level. The Chinese should then be told that if they don’t like it they can balik China. They can’t have both their cake and eat it.

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