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One Chinese Adun in Bung’s bloc, nine in Sabah opposition

In Sabah, bringing YBs safely home is like herding cats — not easy (see one-minute video below).

For another cowboy herders song, click my ‘Rawhide’ post yesterday.

It is implied as much in the Malaysiakini report this morning headlined ‘Race for Sabah CM candidate as GRS risks coup with every passing moment’. Significantly, the losing side has yet to concede.

And history might repeat itself, warned Malaysiakini. Post election between 10th and 12th May 2018, Harapan-Plus engineered a series of defections that cost BN their majority and toppled Musa Aman’s two-day old Sabah administration.

Expect the opposition sneaky bastards to stop at nothing because with them, it is the ‘By Any Means Necessary’ political doctrine.

DAP’s Faustian pact with Mahathir

Chinese voters still backing DAP to the hilt

There are 73 Aduns in the newly constituted Sabah state assembly elected last night. Of these, ten are Chinese.

Only one Chinese YB designate, however, belongs to the winning GRS bloc in yesterday’s Sabah election. She is Flovia Ng from STAR (Jeffrey Kitingan’s party) who prevailed over a crowded field in the Tulid seat.

Umno – led in Sabah by Bung Moktar Radin – is the biggest single individual party among the coalition which includes Bersatu, PBS and STAR that together won 38 seats, thus giving them a working majority in the state.

Note: Under the Sabah constitution, its Yang DiPertua Negeri has the power to nominate and appoint up to a maximum of six more unelected Adun.

Najib Razak: “Dengar ada kapal tengah karam malam ini? Kat mana?”

Helen: Kat Nine Dash Line di Laut China Selatan.

Warisan-Plus won 32 seats last night. Of the nine Chinese Aduns in Shafie Apdal’s coalition, the majority (Nos. 1-5) are from DAP, as below:

  1. Tan Lee Fatt
  2. Phoong Jin Zhe
  3. Calvin Chong Ket Kiun
  4. Frankie Poon Ming Fung
  5. Justin Wong Yung Bin
  6. Christina Liew Chin Jin
  7. Chong Chen Bin
  8. Junz Wong Hong Jun
  9. Hiew Vun Zin

MCA stood in four seats and lost in all. SAPP, a local party aligned to Perikatan, put up two Chinese candidates. Both were defeated.

PBS man Yee Moh Chai lost to PKR’s Christina Liew. Many Chinese candidates from the smaller parties or contesting as independents lost their deposit.

Same pattern of Chinese support across the country

According to current estimates, Chinese comprise 10.9 percent of the Malaysian citizen population in Sabah. Chinese Aduns, however, are going to make up 13.7 percent of the incoming Sabah DUN.

In Sabah as in the peninsula, the Chinese minority community punches above its weight electorally.

Malaysian politics has evolved into a ‘two-party system’ or more relevant to our circumstances, a two-coalition system. The Chinese electorate is overwhelmingly backing one coalition while still adamantly rejecting the other.

This extreme Race partisanship was already clear among Chinese voters more than a dozen years ago in the 2008 general election.

A newer and far more concerning aspect is the Religion partisanship which the DAP has successfully taken across the sea to Sabah and Sarawak. Read more HERE — ‘Why DAP is betting its future on Borneo: Answer — Christians’.


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  1. Sabah election result vindicates PN from back door government accusation but at the expense of growing Covid-19 cases.

    People now learn to appreacite the wisdom of YDPA in resolving political turmoil while ensuring national security and allaying the pandemic fear.

    But there are many politicical leaders who are just stubborn and now looking for troubles (by going nuclear?) They and their rabid followers will never learn, their hearts are hardened and they will be remembered by their descendents for their gullibility and stupidity.

  2. They say/claim the Federal Govt is a ‘backdoor govt’.

    But the same fools were supporting the ‘ex backdoor govt + frogs’ in Sabah.

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