Chinese voters buy into DAP’s all-or-nothing gameplan

Sabah MCA chief Lu Yen Tung lost his deposit in the recent state election, as did his roundly defeated party colleague Chang Kee Ying.

Both the honorary life president of LDP as well as the LDP president, Chong Kah Kiat and Chin Su Phin respectively, forfeited their deposits too. LDP is an established party of some 30 years standing and formerly a part of the BN.

SAPP vice president Gee Tien Siong was yet another casualty to lose his deposit in the Sabah bellwether 2020 election. SAPP is aligned with Perikatan. Continue reading “Chinese voters buy into DAP’s all-or-nothing gameplan”

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Idea of one largest single party (DAP) calling the shots

Dapsters have been arguing that the DAP political side should rule Sabah because Shafie Apdal leads the state’s biggest single party.

In the Sabah 2020 election, Shafie’s party Warisan won 23 seats. With its partners’ – DAP (6), PKR (2), Upko (1) – contribution of nine seats, Warisan-Plus has a total of 32 seats. Continue reading “Idea of one largest single party (DAP) calling the shots”