Chinese voters buy into DAP’s all-or-nothing gameplan

Sabah MCA chief Lu Yen Tung lost his deposit in the recent state election, as did his roundly defeated party colleague Chang Kee Ying.

Both the honorary life president of LDP as well as the LDP president, Chong Kah Kiat and Chin Su Phin respectively, forfeited their deposits too. LDP is an established party of some 30 years standing and formerly a part of the BN.

SAPP vice president Gee Tien Siong was yet another casualty to lose his deposit in the Sabah bellwether 2020 election. SAPP is aligned with Perikatan.

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Chinese voters make up some 15 percent of the Sabah electorate.

While the DAP’s five Chinese candidates registered a perfect scorecard with their win rate of 100 percent, many other Chinese candidates from non-DAP aligned parties were all rejected with the sole exception of STAR’s Flovia Ng.

As I mentioned earlier today, one analyst has estimated the DAP’s support this time from Sabahan Chinese to be as high as 94 percent.

DAP’s dominance of the Chinese polity is near total and neither PKR nor the rest of the opposing Chinese-based parties are even able to make a dent … so deep is the indoctrination.

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Shafie Apdal’s 32 Aduns comprise nine Chinese. In other words, Chinese Aduns represent 28 percent of the Warisan-Plus share of the Sabah state legislative assembly. If Warisan-Plus had succeeded in winning power in Sabah the other day, these Chinese legislators would have wielded an outsized influence.

The Chinese community are choosing to rest their future entirely on the DAP. But because the DAP’s political partners are not as dominant over the other ethnic communities, Harapan is only able to rule in three states — Penang, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.

Here, the Chinese lawmakers are the backbone of the government.

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In state governments otherwise controlled by Malays, the Chinese lawmaker is a solitary figure. This is not to say that Umno-led or Bersatu-led state governments are lacking racial diversity. They’re still multiracial but only short of Chinese faces in the specific.

Sabah’s new government, for example, has Kadazan/Dusun/Murut Aduns from PBS and STAR as well as the coopted native Christian independent(s). In the other Malay state governments, there are more MIC reps than MCA people who are altogether missing from the front bench of many DUNs.

In these Umno or Perikatan states, Chinese Aduns are the bulk of the opposition.

Chinese voters put all their eggs in one basket betting on the last election. Come the next general or snap election, they’re still not going to change their game of aiding and abetting DAP to annihilate MCA, Gerakan, SUPP, SAPP, LDP and any other Chinese opponents.

They‘ve decided to sink or swim with the DAP, come what may.


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