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Umno, Bersatu, DAP triangulation and strangulation

Bersatu’s 11 Aduns in Sabah are able to check and balance Umno’s 14 Aduns.

Cina DAP, on the other hand, are unstoppable within the Chinese community. Nine Chinese candidates from DAP and its partner parties won seats in the Sabah DUN compared to only one Chinese Adun aligned to Perikatan. The 95:5 electoral support ratio does not permit any check and balance.


The bellwether state election result reinforces our wider national trend in the following ways:

(1) Chinese YBs are either (i) an outsized and powerful bloc in Harapan-Plus or (ii) they make up the bulk of the opposition in the Malay-party controlled states

BELOW: Concept of minority government

(2) For DAP to power grab, they will have to promote themselves as legitimately the biggest single party in Dewan Rakyat or in the DUNs, where DAP already has more seats than any of its Harapan allies in Penang, Perak, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Johor

(3) The DAP’s brand of political Christianity receives a boost from the increasing number of Born Agains as well as heightened activism by the Christian NGOs and churches

Briefly, to recap

The political behaviour of the 95 percent Chinese voters who give DAP a free pass is allowing the evangelical party to get away with:

(a) Double standards like the DAP’s hypocritical roasting of frogs (see Sabah 2020 campaign billboard above)

(b) Its scorched earth policy against the MCA and furthermore victimizing TAR university college when Guan Eng was Finance Minister

(c) Deplatforming any other Chinese opinions and ideas that counter the DAP narrative

BELOW: Playing off Umno against Bersatu; while the Malay parties check and balance each other, the DAP is the uncontested Will-to-Power of the 95% Chinese

Friction: Malays INTRA racial, Chinese INTER racial 

Compared to the robust contestation between the various Malay parties, the DAP has a sole monopoly on the Chinese echo chamber.

The political conflict between Malays is intra-racial, e.g. Bersatu vs Umno, Amanah vs PAS. Among the Chinese, however, DAP’s total dominance is undisputed and there is no intra-racial pushback against the evangelical party.

Unlike, say, the Bersatu and Umno Youth chiefs both at loggerheads (below), DAP is sitting atop the Chinese pile beyond challenge.

Malays are split and attacking each other. Chinese are united and determined to Ubah the government and change our country.


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  1. 20% of course lead to unity, 70% of course lead to fighting, reflect that chinese no more a threat, can only tokkok.

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