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Covid will make or break one of the two political tribes

“By advising the King to proclaim emergency but not obtaining it, what’s left of Muhyiddin’s democratic credentials has taken a big hit and his opponents would certainly take advantage of the popular discontent to try to push him over the edge,” Oh Ei Sun told Malay Mail in its top story this morning. Continue reading “Covid will make or break one of the two political tribes”

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Covid deaths vs road accident deaths

How about the DG of the Transport Ministry appearing on TV once in a blue moon to give us updates on grisly deaths from road accidents, and reminding drivers to fasten their seat belts. 

Malaysian data collection on individuals testing positive for the novel coronavirus began on March 9. 

Our first Covid death was on March 17. Continue reading “Covid deaths vs road accident deaths”

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Somebody else’s cat reacts to VVIP who had a fly on his head

BELOW: A fly landed (yes really) on vice president Mike Pence’s hair when he debated challenger Kamala Harris on Oct 7 … the cat, who has its own Owl Kitty YouTube channel, is however only a parody 

Yummy! says the black cat that swiftly caught and quickly ate the fly 

Continue reading “Somebody else’s cat reacts to VVIP who had a fly on his head”

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Rohingya coming here are ‘economic migrants’, not refugees (UPDATED w Part 2)

Continuing Part Two, uploaded on Oct 23 

Has the passage of time cleared up confusion in the United Nations as to whether the world body supports or still objects to repatriating the Rohingya?

ON THE ONE HAND — Bangladesh is thrilled to hear fresh assurances from Myanmar that the latter country is prepared to take back the Rohingya refugees. This is the latest news reported today (see below) on the sidelines of an international donation campaign that raised US$600 million to help the Rohingya in the Cox’s Bazar camps.

BELOW: Beijing is the facilitator of a trilateral initiative involving China, Bangladesh and Myanmar to be commenced after Myanmar concludes its general election on Nov 8

ON THE OTHER HAND — the UN was previously pissed at India for deporting seven illegal Rohingya back to Myanmar. Continue reading “Rohingya coming here are ‘economic migrants’, not refugees (UPDATED w Part 2)”

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Mahathir-Kit Siang are Siamese twins, no room for Kuli

We’ve never heard before of conjoined Siamese triplets being able to survive. 

Mahathir and Kit Siang are like yin-and-yang twins. Three is a crowd. Tengku Razaleigh should steer away from both these gila kuasa connivers. 

BELOW: Front page of Sinar Harian on 7 Dec 2014 … Mahathir believes nobody is ‘layak’ to be PM but himself and certainly not Anwar  Continue reading “Mahathir-Kit Siang are Siamese twins, no room for Kuli”

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Just live with coronavirus like we live with the common cold, says AirAsia CEO

AirAsia Group chief executive Tony Fernandes said borders must be kept open as most Asean countries depend on tourism (and not to forget he also runs a budget airline that’s run out of money). 

The Tan Sri CEO said: “At some point, countries have to take a little bit of risk to reopen as we cannot live in a cave for the rest of our lives,” according to a report today in the Bangkok Post. 

“We have to live with this virus as we have with others before like the common cold or dengue,” Fernandes was quoted by the paper as saying. Continue reading “Just live with coronavirus like we live with the common cold, says AirAsia CEO”

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Malays will never accept DAP

The Malay grassroots will always reject DAP. Their rejection is non negotiable and Umno leaders will not dare to go against the will of the Malay ground on this — see latest news reports tweeted below.

The Chinese polity, on the other hand, are lemmings prepared to dance to the DAP’s moronic Multi-Kulti (Multiculturalism and Diversity) tune … spinning round and round in pointless circles.

Continue reading “Malays will never accept DAP”

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Good news for PAS from London

Its current lockdown may result in 20,000 British pubs closing permanently as a consequence of the Covid restrictions. This 20k estimate on the ‘death toll’ was given a few days ago (Oct 15) by Patrick Dardis, the CEO of Young’s brewery that operates 300 pubs in the UK.

London began clamping down on pubs yesterday as the city went into Tier 2 Covid restrictions. Earlier on Wednesday (Oct 14), Prime Minister Boris Johnson had ordered pubs in Liverpool to close. Continue reading “Good news for PAS from London”

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Anwar got punk’d

From news reports the last 48 hours, our evolving political landscape appears to be along the scenario outlined below:

(1) Anwar is now under police scrutiny and will be kept busy fending off questioning by the authorities

(2) Umno politburo wants to renegotiate terms of party participation in the Perikatan government and Muhyiddin is listening

(3) Anwar’s Le Meridien Move provided the springboard for Umno to leverage Continue reading “Anwar got punk’d”

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Why we need a strong government

A strong prime minister, strong defence minister, strong foreign minister and strong home minister will firmly put their foot down. They will tell the interfering activists (who are lying to the world that Malaysians are “cruel” and “inhumane”) to sod off. 

A strong government will protect the sovereignty of Malaysian territorial waters and in the South China Sea. A strong government will back up our security agencies — scroll down and see point No.5 below. Continue reading “Why we need a strong government”

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“Stop using lockdown as your primary control method” — World Health Organization

“We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” said Dr David Nabarro, the WHO special envoy on Covid-19.

“The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large, we’d rather not do it,” said Dr Nabarro (pix below) who is also Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General. Continue reading ““Stop using lockdown as your primary control method” — World Health Organization”

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Mahathir’s sarcasm is ugly and hateful

The former premier of 22 years (PM4) and 22 months (PM7) let rip his trademark sneer all across his social media platforms today.

Challenging Muhyiddin whom he assigned “pemimpin tertinggi”, Mahathir threw back at the sitting PM8 his own words earlier which had hinted that a snap election might be held (“PRU akan diadakan”). Continue reading “Mahathir’s sarcasm is ugly and hateful”

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Again they’re calling M’sians abusive, cruel and inhumane

An ugly screed titled ‘Malaysia’s inhumane crackdown on migrants, refugees’ is published in the Malay Mail today.

They are unhappy with what they call “human rights abuses” in Malaysia.

They‘re unhappy with Ops Benteng where Malaysian coastguard and military had pushed Rohingya boats away from our territorial waters. Continue reading “Again they’re calling M’sians abusive, cruel and inhumane”

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Bukan masa untuk menghasut “dengan membangkang dari longkang” — Najib

Teguran mantan Perdana Menteri Najib Razak terhadap Ahli Parlimen DAP Batu Kawan yang seolah-olah menyanggah usaha kerajaan untuk mengawal sempadan negara, adalah tepat mengena.

Hanya dua orang PATI yang positif Covid sahaja sudah mampu menyebabkan ribuan orang dijangkit, kata Najib. Justeru itu, sekarang “bukan masa untuk Pakatan Harapan menghasut rakyat dengan membangkang dari longkang”, tambah beliau lagi. Continue reading “Bukan masa untuk menghasut “dengan membangkang dari longkang” — Najib”

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Kit Siang channeling China’s Covid propaganda

With the DAP, politics is everything and everything is politics. Even coronavirus deaths are not beyond being opportunistically politicized. What a cheap way to try and score political points.

Latest is the wishful insistence by Kit Siang yesterday that Harapan could have handled the pandemic better — see Malay Mail report below. Continue reading “Kit Siang channeling China’s Covid propaganda”

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Besides their beloved DAP, what else do Chinese voters want?

Their consistent 95 percent vote share for DAP shows the Chinese electorate do not want any other party. 

Chinese Sabahans gave 94 percent of their vote to DAP and its Warisan allies, also causing the MCA Sabah chairman to lose his deposit in the recent state election.

The Chinese community want to have their cake and eat it too. Although they thoroughly rejected Perikatan, yet they still expected the new state government to appoint unelected Chinese as Sabah cabinet ministers. Continue reading “Besides their beloved DAP, what else do Chinese voters want?”

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Dong Zong, Hua Zong, Sinchew want Chinese ministers in Sabah cabinet

Invoking the ‘Diversity’ mantra, Hua Zong president Goh Tian Chuan urged the new Sabah administration to install a multiracial state cabinet.

To this end, Hua Zong called for the “appointment of Chinese representatives” as state ministers through their nomination first as unelected Aduns.

See also ‘Dong Zong gesa KM Sabah lantik menteri Cina’ in Suara Merdeka today. Continue reading “Dong Zong, Hua Zong, Sinchew want Chinese ministers in Sabah cabinet”