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Dong Zong, Hua Zong, Sinchew want Chinese ministers in Sabah cabinet

Invoking the ‘Diversity’ mantra, Hua Zong president Goh Tian Chuan urged the new Sabah administration to install a multiracial state cabinet.

To this end, Hua Zong called for the “appointment of Chinese representatives” as state ministers through their nomination first as unelected Aduns.

See also ‘Dong Zong gesa KM Sabah lantik menteri Cina’ in Suara Merdeka today.

Who will protect Chinese schools, they worry

Sabah’s ruling party under freshly minted CM Hajiji actually has one Adun with a Chinese surname.  She is Flovia Ng who won her Tulid seat under a STAR ticket.

Strangely both Dong Zong and Sin Chew do not appear to view YB Tulid as a Chinese or as Chinese enough.

Jimmy Yong Kyok Ming, who is Dong Zong Sabah chairman, was quoted by the Malay Mail via Borneo Post as saying that “the Chinese community would not have any channel to convey issues faced by Chinese schools and the community to the state government if the state Cabinet has no Chinese representative”.

The Mail-Post story further reported Jimmy Yong as saying that although none of the candidates fielded by the Chinese parties in GRS managed to get elected, the Sabah chief minister nonetheless has the prerogative to nominate six Aduns.

For the record, Flovia Ng (below) was not fielded “by the Chinese parties” but by Jeffrey Kitigan’s party.

SARCASM: Let’s put her through the Chinese purity test 

The one-track Chinese mind of Sin Chew 

Meanwhile Sin Chew in its editorial highlighted that previously a Chinese would become one of Sabah’s deputy chief ministers but not this time.

GRS had fielded 10 Chinese in the Sabah 2020 election but according to Sin Chew, “all of them were thrashed by Warisan Plus candidates”. [Dissenting note: But what about Flovia Ng?]

“As if that’s not enough, some even had their deposits forfeited. This shows that Warisan Plus is broadly supported by the local Chinese,” added Sin Chew. 

Lamenting Sabah’s “zero Chinese representation“, Sin Chew said ”the state government should not neglect the voices of the local Chinese people, nor overlook the interests of the community.”

Sin Chew singing the ‘Diversity’ song when it suits

Just give the Chinese what they VOTED for

On the one hand, Sin Chew had stated: “Chinese voters have the right and freedom to choose their representatives and such a right must be respected“. But on the other hand, Sin Chew is now desiring to nullify the choice of Chinese voters – who had freely exercised their right – to reject those Chinese candidates contesting under the Perikatan umbrella.

In fact, the new administration should NOT be proposing any Chinese names to fill the unelected Adun positions. Hajiji must show he “respects” the will of Sabah’s Chinese electorate who have made it clear that they do not believe his team is fit to rule.

Sin Chew, of course, disagrees. This biggest Chinese-language newspaper outside of mainland China is advocating that “the new state government can bring Chinese representatives into the cabinet through appointment in a bid to redress this problem [of zero Chinese representation]” .

ABOVE: Are Sin Chew, Dong Zong and Hua Zong disputing their DAP’s “Everybody is Malaysian First” snake oil? 

In the Sin Chew’s singular worldview, appointing unelected Chinese as Adun-cum-state minister ”will not only reflect the [Hajiji] administrative team’s accommodativeness and tolerance but help enhance interaction and communication with the local Chinese community”.

ROTFL … Which part of ‘Elections Have Consequences’ does Sin Chew fail to understand?

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