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Just like the Democrats

A Reuters story titled ‘Trump and Melania test positive for Covid-19’ was carried today in Malaysiakini. Greeting this piece of news, Malaysiakini subscribers posted their following comments (copypasted below):

  • “Finally, a positive news from Trump.”
  • “I wish the worst for the pair […]”
  • ” ‘Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!’ and all that …“
  • “Good news to the whole world and BEST if he succumbed permanently.”
  • “Reserve the ICU bed for him.“ / “Do not waste it in him.“
  • ”He gets what he deserves”
  • ”Great…Pls god.”
  • “90% of the people in this world is very very HAPPY”
  • “Hope he is on life support and suffer like those who have perished”  /  “agreed”

Fake News

Even POLITIFACT checker – an outfit which more-often-than-not is strongly biased against Trump – found the statement “Donald Trump said that ‘maybe if you drank bleach you may be okay’ “ to be “Mostly false”.

This ‘bleach’ canard is just one of the many 1,001 lies invented about Trump by the pro-Democrat media.

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Lemmings: Democrats in USA, Dapsters in M’sia

Trump did not recommend drinking or injecting bleach to cure Covid-19.

The Malaysiakini subscriber base have, however, swallowed wholesale such twisted propaganda from the Trump-hating American media. They want him to be “guinea pig to test as experiment. If it [vaccine] is effective, mankind will be thankful to you. If not, sayonara to you. There is no loss.”

Other of their comments posted to Malaysiakini (copypasted below):

  • “Good time for him to try out his detergent treatment.”
  • “Dump Trump, drink more warm water with concentrated Clorox will cure!”
  • ”ask your doctors to inject you with bleach”
  • ”he can go get the disinfectant and consume it the way he wanted”
  • ”I hope they give him his own prescription – Clorax! (sic)
  • “Just drink Lysol Trump”
  • “And now, bring out the bleach! Huge doses. Inject. Direct. Am sure it will do the trick .. Not being sarcastic. He wasn’t at the time either.”
  • “Treat him with max dose of hydroxychloroquine. Can try bleach also.”
  • “Chance for Trump to prove that drinking bleach and hydrocloroquine works.”

BELOW: YouTube user going by the handle ‘Lobster Venus’ provides a template of how the media treats Biden (throwing softball questions) vs how they treat Trump (loaded questions containing implicit guilty assumption)

If Trump were to say ‘Water is wet’ 

… you can bet that the media mob and the Democrats would say he was lying and insist the real truth was 180-degrees.

Like American Democrats, the Malaysiakini bunch too believe Trump is anti science and that he listens to ”quacks”. These sorts of allegations usually derive from their own gullibility to fake news, and only serve to feed the frenzy of hate.

A small number of Malaysiakini commenters have, rather miraculously, managed to maintain their rationality — like this person: “we must have compassion for anyone who gets infected with COVID-19. Whatever is our faith, let’s pray for their full recovery.”

Unfortunately his fellow Malaysiakinian responded thus: “An a** hole like him don’t deserve any compassion.”

Another contrarian individual also interjected: “There is a line between criticizing and wishing people harm on unfortunate thing that they do not have any power to avoid.” This more compassionate person was told to “Take your holier-than-thou attitude and shove it up your rear end.”

The reactions of the pro-China crowd in Malaysiakini are almost identical to the reactions of a majority of the pro-Democrat commenters in The Washington Post, see article ‘Trump says he and first lady have tested positive for coronavirus’.

Hardcore followers and supporters of entities that have the word ‘Democratic’ in their name – e.g. Democratic Party (USA), Democratic Action Party, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (Kim Jong-Un’s North) often tend to behave like little dictators.



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