Mat Hasan’s political instincts are accurate

Umno deputy president Tok Mat presented a clear-eyed appraisal of the future of his party. READ ‘Kerjasama Politik (dengan Bersatu) Tidak Menguntungkan‘.

His prescription for what Umno must do next is spot on.

Umno advisor KuLi also gave good advice for the current crop of Umno leaders in the Muhyiddin administration to listen to the disgruntled Malay ground because Umno is a grassroots party.

Listen to the Tengku.

DAP will cling on to Mahathir’s coattails going into GE15. The evangelical party will opt for Shafie Apdal over Anwar.

DAP is banking its future on Borneo and hoping to turn the Christian votes there.

Chinese voters will continue sticking with DAP. Don’t expect them to budge. Bagi nasihat bagai mencurah air ke daun keladi.

The chihuahua barks but the caravan moves on …


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