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Trump-hating teen trolls her famous mom for catching Covid

Although Claudia Conway is still a couple of weeks short on her 16th birthday, the teenager’s calls upon older Americans to go out and vote in the presidential election are getting widespread attention.

Below is her viral Instagram with the vote woke message. Err, yes, the bikini blonde is indeed Claudia who looks older than her age.

Claudia is even bigger on TikTok where she has almost one million (981,000) followers. After taking a break from her Twitter account, TikTok became Claudia’s preferred platform to publicly disparage her mother Kellyanne Conway.

Kellyanne, who until recently was President Trump’s White House counselor, resigned last August citing ‘family’ reasons. On Aug 23, Claudia had called her mother “selfish” and tweeted that Kellyanne‘s high profile job “ruined” her (the teenager’s) life.

Claudia had a little while earlier also announced to the world that she preferred to be adopted by famous Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and that she was prepared to run away from home.

Her current spotlight in the news is Claudia’s reveal that her mother Kellyanne was “coughing all around the house” and has Covid.

Claudia’s spill-the-beans video garnered two million views in just six hours before she deleted it. At the time she uploaded her TikTok, Kellyanne’s positive test result was not public knowledge.

Claudia self-describes as a “100% leftist” who supports Black Lives Matter.

Claudia also posted another TikTok in which she blamed her mother for nfecting the family. This short vid has since been deleted too but it was saved on Twitter and can be viewed in the tweet below.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

7 thoughts on “Trump-hating teen trolls her famous mom for catching Covid

  1. I wonder if Kellyanne would have announced her positive results if her daughter hadn’t spilled the beans.

    I wouldn’t wish Covid on anyone but if there’s anybody more deserving of this undeserving virus, it’s Trump and his team of rabid and brain dead supporters. Don’t they remind you of LGE and his supporters?

      1. I don’t know about that. The thing is Trump lies so much, we aren’t even sure if he has COVID LOL. Doesn’t that strike you like something DAP would do? Lie about something as serious as this?😂

        1. I don’t think Trump tells lies in the obvious although some of his careless stream-of-consciousness rambling may not be 100 percent factually accurate.

          Where I’ve taken the trouble to double check, I’ve found that it is those bad faith detractors in the media who either misstated or distorted Trump’s actual positions, or they deliberately construed what he said giving it the worst possible interpretation where they’d have given another politician the benefit of the doubt.

          If you had to read just one exposition, check out (below) his infamous Charlottesville “fine people” on both sides remark and see a typically hostile exchange where reporters throw a volley of loaded questions and cut him off when he tries to reply them. The interjections by antagonistic reporters skew Trump’s reply from taking a linear line, and then they (Fake News Media) pounce when his words come across ambiguous.

          This is the link —

    1. Quite the opposite. Trump is saving the USA.

      It’s the Democrats who are complicit with the domestic terrorism of BLM-Antifa rioting, looting, burning down blue cities and executing Trump supporters on the street in broad daylight.

    2. i think helen is right, the only disagreement, at least on the surface,is trump know who is the most productive n vigorous, from a racial pov.

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