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Politics of hate launched against PM by opposition

The hate campaign against Muhyiddin has started following the spike in Covid cases from Sabah 2020 which saw members of his cabinet being quarantined.

And Malaysia’s opposition are playing hate politics no differently from their counterparts the American Democrats.

“The media and Democratic establishments are in a frenzy of Schadenfreude over President Trump’s Covid diagnosis”, writes Heather MacDonald.

Not only the American media but Malaysia’s pro-Harapan media and some DAP leaders too have no sympathy. And just like the Fake News media and the Dems, there are people here wishing death on Donald Trump.

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd (an obsessive Trump hater) attacked the reputation of the Walter Reed military hospital that admitted Trump for treatment – see her tweet below.

Then there is MSNBC television host Rachel Maddow (another obsessive Trump hater) whose tweet below implied that Trump’s doctors are lying.

Maddow is pissed that Trump’s chief physician – the doctor pictured in her tweet embed below – had said “the president has been a phenomenal patient”.

Yet another notably obsessive Trump hater is The Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson who similarly accused Trump’s doctors of lying (“reinvent the truth”) — see his tweet below.

The media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome has expanded to now attacking doctors and hospitals just because these medical practitioners/institutions are not saying what the reporters want to hear.

Robinson’s own TDS is so acute that his untimely screed inadvertently caused even his usually Trump-hating newspaper some embarrassment.

Robinson also wrote in his WaPo column yesterday that Trump’s “joyride on Sunday to wave to supporters needlessly put the Secret Service agents protecting him in jeopardy”.

Heather MacDonald (who thankfully does not hate Trump) has a different take. She says: “These are the same Secret Service agents who are expected to take a bullet for a president.”

If WaPo is a smear machine daily cranking out anti-Trump stories and serving its countless hit pieces on Trump piping hot throughout the day, what can one say about CNN?

”Your entire network now is how much you hate Trump,” said Republican Senator Ted Cruz about CNN in his TV interview a few days ago.

Yesterday Cruz tweeted: “CNN, stop rooting for our President to die” (see above).

A shocking number of leading Democrats and the liberal media in the tank for them simply want their political opponents to suffer and die. They’re also ironically the same bunch preaching ‘Peace and Love’.

BELOW: Kit Siang snarking that the Malaysian ministers’ Covid cluster is a traveling companion of the White House Cluster

During the recent Sabah election campaign, Harapan politicians were barbecuing real frogs as stand-ins for the Sabah Aduns who had defected earlier and caused the collapse of Shafie Apdal’s state government.

Their Warisan election billboards too pictured dead frogs skewered with darts.

The opposition in Malaysia and their hardcore followers are as full of hate as the Trump haters in the USA.

Before GE14, Najib was their main target of hate. Now it is Muhyiddin who is in their crosshairs — see below tweets by PKR Lembah Pantai MP Fahmi Fadzil and Kit Siang’s pol-sec Syahredzan Johan.


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  1. trump n our backdoor pm r equally incompetent to contain and mitigate the pendemic, this is fact, both still tak malu as if they did something great.

    1. Muhyidin is not the greatest but he definitely netter that all the clown PH had as minister…Old man who wanna deny Anwar as PM, fake accountant as FM, Cook Mat sabun as DM, a racist bigot Wayta as minister of national unity …all are clowns

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